June 7 – 9, 2020

Virtual, Virus-Proof & only £100
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Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we see many people globally are facing uniquely challenging circumstances for the first time. So with inspiration and love, we have developed our event for everyone, regardless of what they face, to spend three days looking in the direction of a deeper understanding of the mind to provide hope, insight and a fresh outlook on life.

We have created a virtual version of the conference that is not just a series of online presentations, but more a way to gather and attend the varied sessions, whilst also using the break times to connect together with old friends or to stumble on new ones. We will create a place where we can be in social isolation and still come together and learn.

So please join us for a groundbreaking online event. Being online, your ticket will give you access to EVERY session for 3 months, so you won’t miss a second!

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Sydney Banks A Collection of Four Vintage Recordings

We are very happy to announce a new resource for you: an MP3 with vintage recordings of a few of Sydney Bank’s earlier talks. These four recording are adding up to 50 minutes of valuable inspiration. One of the clips you will hear is from even before the time Syd started using the metaphor of the Three Principles. With his widow Judy Bank’s permission, you can now buy these vintage recordings on our website for only $ 30. All proceeds go to 3PGC to help raise money to support our mission of making Syd’s message get out to the world. ​

Current Affairs Videos Series

3PGC is providing a special video series that we hope will be helpful in this time of global disruption.  We want to show how an understanding of The Three Principles can open up possibilities in the face of our current challenges. Each week we will draw on the experiences of different 3PGC Registered Practitioners from around the world.  View the video series here:

Apprentice Practitioner Program!

Are you interested in the materials and support the 3PGC provides its registered practitioners, but you do not yet meet the criteria? We have been listening and we have made it possible for new and aspiring practitioners to gain access to our practitioner materials and live support for your professional development.  Learn more and download the application here:


The Three Principles Global Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are grateful for any and all financial contributions.

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