2020 Online Conference Session Recordings


Includes access to all 53 recorded sessions, including 11 sessions in 7 different languages.

Understanding Can Open the Door to Global Change

The 3 Principles Global Community was so pleased to offer a 48 hour global on-line conference. The conference focused on how a simple insightful understanding of the psychological and spiritual nature of human beings can open the door to change for individuals, relationships, communities, and globally. We have gathered a range of speakers from across the world representing many different fields. What they have in common is that they have experienced  a shift in their understanding leading to new levels of wisdom, clarity, and well-being. This shift has automatically led to changes in their lives and work, and has affected their clients, colleagues, and communities.  This understanding is already being learned by people all over the world with amazing results. You can learn more about these teachings and results on our website at 3PGC.org.

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