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Tuesday, February 9th at 2:00pm Eastern time
with Andrea Vallely

Topic:  Dropping into mind…
Andrea explores the nature of wisdom and how this understanding has played out in her own life.

Andrea Vallely is a transformational coach and Founder of Spreadhappy, a website and newsletter on exploring your infinite potential.  She and her husband Lee  are the founders of Shift Happens,  a transformative coaching and training company, specializing in business and personal coaching, and retreats. 

Andi is a contributor to many magazines, radio and TV, including CBS morning news in South Florida. Andi shares her happiness workshop at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, and her Shift Happens curriculum with adults, teens and youth. 

Andrea’s website: https://www.shifthappensconsulting.com/

Thursday, February 18th at 2:00pm Eastern time
with Keith Blevens

Topic: The Missing Link To Universal Thought and Self Realization

In an as yet unpublished book by licensed psychologist and three principles practitioner Keith Blevens,Ph.D., Sydney Banks writes:

“As a matter of fact, Keith, whether they know it or not, everyone on earth is only one thought away from what they seek. If they can find this magical thought. Time and again people would challenge me and ask what this one thought was. With a smile on my face I would answer: The one thought you seek is the state of no thought.”
“The state of no thought is the missing link to Universal Thought and Self-Realization.”
Before he passed away, Sydney Banks gave Keith a wealth of his own writings for a book and wrote this unsolicited endorsement for the cover:
         “One of the main reasons I am honored to see Dr. Blevens write this book is that it may bring hope to those who are
         suffering needlessly and answers to the therapists seeking the missing link psychology and psychiatry have long been 
         searching for.”           
                                     Sydney Banks
Keith will share a few of Sydney Banks’ remarkable discoveries from this book in his webinar.
Keith has been teaching the three principles for over 44 years in a wide variety of contexts. He has served on the faculty of 9 universities. He as helped, mentored, and trained thousands of people during his career. He has also trained executives in large corporations such as BAE Systems and health care systems such as The Mayo Clinic.

Keith’s web site: https://threeprinciplesparadigm.com/

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