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Monday, October 21st @ 2PM Eastern time
with Christa Campsall

Topic: My Reflections on the Impact of the Teachings of Sydney Banks

For many years Christa was a K-12 classroom teacher, as well as a learning services teacher in Special Education. Throughout this varied experience, she benefitted from an understanding she encountered in 1975 when she was a university student. At that time, Christa was introduced, by Sydney Banks, to what today is called the Three Principles. Even a first glimmer of this knowledge had the power to transform her life by impacting her teaching and learning, as well as deepening the level of happiness and peace of mind in her personal life.

Currently Christa has created K-12 curriculum, My Guide Inside, with a team of dedicated educators grounded in the 3 Principles. Christa facilitates professional development for educators at home on Salt Spring Island, as well as in the global community.

In this webinar, Christa will reflect on the extraordinary privilege of Syd Banks being a mentor to her.

Christa’s website: myguideinside.com

Wednesday, November 13th @ 2PM Eastern time
with Jack Pransky

Jack Pransky is a national and international consultant, speaker, and author who has worked in the field of prevention and community organizing since 1968. He authored all the books found on his website: http://healthrealize.com/

He specializes in prevention from the inside-out, and specifically in The Three Principles/Health Realization.


Monday, November 25th @ 2PM Eastern time
with Ellen Friedman

Topic: Physical Health and Universal Mind

Ellen Friedman supports people on a personal journey of health and well being.  She loves guiding people HOME to transform their relationship with themselves, their health and with others.  While providing physical therapy services for over 30 years, her patients began asking for more “Ellen-isms”.

Following an inner calling, she began coaching in 2011.  Then in 2013, she heard something new, simple and profound while watching a video of a Three Principles Practitioner.  Since then, she has been blessed to have many different Three Principle teachers.  Ellen has witnessed her own life radically shift into deeper peace, especially after struggling with anxiety for decades.  In addition, her physical health has significantly improved from symptoms related to three different auto immune conditions.  Watching her clients wake up and discover their own peace, well being and freedom is a gift she cherishes.  In addition to offering one on one and small group coaching in person and virtually, Ellen regularly facilitates webinars, seminars and workshops in which she shares the understanding of The Three Principles impacting physical health.  She is offering some new small group virtual intensives called Grace and Ease with Pain and Dis-ease.

You can learn more about Ellen here: https://www.healinghousecalls.com/

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