A Simple Premise


The Principles are a life-changing discovery. They hold potential for radical change. If you are a practitioner, you might have chosen this understanding because you know how valuable it can be for people and how limited, complicated, and distressing life can be without it. But did you know that within these principles there is a fundamental premise that serves as a guiding principle for us as practitioners? This is the very  essence of being a principle-based practitioner and the key to ongoing learning, depth and impact.

The fundamental premise we are focussing on is treating the principles as a complete understanding that holds the solutions for everything we face and everything our clients face.  We would call this orientation “treating the principles as principles”. Using this premise as a guide can be endlessly enriching but also challenging and counter intuitive.

The focus of this programme is to make this fundamental basis for living and working visible and understandable. The goal of this programme is to open up a richer potential for learning and development for you.

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When is this happening?

On a Monthly Basis. Please keep an eye out on the calendar.

How do you attend?

This program is part of the Apprentice and Practitioner membership programs. If you are a member please go to the calendar to register for the program.

Who will be the Presenter(s) ?

Aaron Turner will be interviewing a new 3PGC Practitioner in each session.

How much does it cost?

For Practitioner members: This is included in the paid yearly membership.

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