Awakening Health, Not Treating Problems


In this program Christine Heath and Judith Sedgeman shares with us how Sydney Banks in his first two books, Second Chance and In Quest of the Pearl, introduces us to the true value of focusing on health as a practitioner when we talk to the people that come to us.

In these books Sydney Banks develops the story of a relationship between Richard, a troubled man, caught up in his thinking about everything that has gone wrong in his life, who is dealing with pain, grief and depression, and Jonathan, a wise character who has discovered the truth of the Principles. Through the many conversations between Richard and Jonathan and the friends Jonathan introduces to Richard, we can recognize the gift of practicing from the Principles, we can see what it means to  work in the moment from wisdom, vs. engaging the client’s intellect. Principles work is all in the feeling, respecting, but bypassing, the intellect. In this exploration, we look deeply at the ease and grace of interactions between Richard and Jonathan and the wise Kahuna Mama Lila, and see how the relationships flow from the feeling and the feeling awakens health and wisdom.

The program consist of six 90-minutes webinars with Christine Heath and Judith Sedgeman.

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