3PGC Apprentice Practitioner

“I have just signed up for the Apprentice program and have spent a couple of hours watching some of the vidoes – which was like taking the elevator to the top floor of the building – great view, great feeling and sense of awe.

“I just want to say what a fantastic and welcoming place this community is, after attending my first apprentice practitioner zoom meeting I knew I had found my way home!  Thank you and everyone on the board of 3PGC for the amazing work you do.  The 3 Principles are already having a profound impact on me and as a result on my coaching  clients.”

“A huge thank you to everyone who contributes to this incredible organisation. It has been such a rich resource to delve into on a regular basis, listening to the various mentor calls in all their shapes and sizes and I particularly enjoyed the Paradox Conversations recently.   It is so helpful to have the wealth of experience that all your contributors bring – and no matter what I listen to or when, it is ALWAYS perfect for me in that moment – It blows me away every time! The discussions and talks always feel so fresh which serves to remind me how fresh and in the moment this whole understanding is. The love and generosity that is the 3PGC is so omnipresent in everyone who shows up and it is a wonderful thing to have in the world. Thank you all.”

To support the growing community of people interested in sharing the 3 Principles as practitioners, 3PGC is offering an Apprentice Practitioner program for anyone not yet meeting the full 3PGC Registered Practitioner requirements, but would like to access all the training benefits available for the 3PGC Registered Practitioners.

Some benefits of becoming an apprentice practitioner with 3PGC…

  • a required 3 Principles Foundations course to lay the foundation for all further study in the 3 Principles
  • access on our website to regular videos by the 3PGC Board
  • monthly Apprentice Practitioner mentoring (calls) group Zoom sessions
  • live coaching and supervision sessions with experienced practitioners
  • Grounding Groups in various time zones around the globe to explore the foundational works of Sydney Banks in a small group setting
  • An Exploration of Sydney Banks Books; Reading for Depth program recordings
  • Discoveries of Sydney Banks program recordings
  • discount on 3PGC events and conferences specifically for 3PGC and Apprentice Practitioners… and more

Here’s how it works…


  1.  You are currently working from the understanding of the 3Principles with at least one (paid or volunteer) client by 6 months into joining the program.
  2. You routinely study the works of Sydney Banks for your own grounding and you also encourage your clients to access his materials.
  3. Contribute financially to 3PGC annually in accordance with the Apprentice Practitioner Membership Dues of $100 per year and any additional donations if you are able and willing to make.
  4. As part of your training as an apprentice, you will begin by watching to the required Foundations Video course, you will utilize the offered videos, mentoring sessions, and  events to deepen your grounding and to prepare yourself for being a Listed Practitioner.  (either participate in or view online later, all the offered programs, projects and events that are offered to the Apprentice Practitioners.)

Read the 3PGC Principles-Based Practitioner Philosophy

As an organization, we at 3PGC believe that The Three Principles, as discovered by Sydney Banks, form the complete basis for people’s experience of life; and an understanding of these principles is all that is required to achieve well being.This belief is the cornerstone of our organization and we believe that integrity demands that we be true to it when listing practitioners on our site.Therefore, we intend to list only those practitioners who are aligned with it. We must be able to assure visitors to that any listed practitioner they may engage through our site will teach them The Principles exclusively because that is what we advocate.

We call listed practitioners “Principles-based Practitioners”. Simply put, a Principle based Practitioner is someone who is actively engaged in helping people realize their innate well being solely by gaining an understanding of how The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought create their experience of life. Additionally, in order to be listed, a person must have been a Principles-based Practitioner for a minimum of two years and be willing to volunteer their time and financial support to 3PGC. The former two requirements show our visitors and members that our practitioners have been committed to teaching The Principles for a sustained period and are committed for the future as well.

If a practitioner believes and practices that an understanding of The Three Principles is the sole key to mental health, we feel comfortable listing him or her on our site. If a practitioner believes and practices that something is required in addition to an understanding of The Three Principles, we would elect not to list that practitioner on our site. If we were to list any practitioners who combined The Principles with other approaches, it would be inconsistent with our stated purpose and a misrepresentation to the public.

Our decision on whether or not to list a given practitioner is based simply on what that practitioner tells us regarding the above criteria. This criteria and each practitioner’s good faith response to whether they meet it or not is the only due diligence or “quality control” that we believe is possible or appropriate. Therefore, a practitioner who confirms that they meet the criteria and that they desire to be listed would be listed based on that confirmation. 3PGC has no interest in policing or otherwise evaluating a Principles-based Practitioner or Practice. We do not intend to concern ourselves with how individuals use or understand The Principles in their work, the language they use to teach The Principles, or the context in which they teach them. That is not our place.

We recognize and appreciate that there are as many ways to teach The Three Principles as there are practitioners doing so. We believe that the pivotal question deals with one’s belief regarding the value of The Principles: Does a practitioner see The Three Principles as a complete basis for practice (and helping clients find well being) in and of itself, or as something to be used in combination with other approaches? We will trust each practitioner’s answer to that important question as our primary standard.

Another high priority is being inclusive and open-minded. We want to emphasize that we pass no judgment regarding any practitioner who does not meet the definition of Principles-based Practitioner above. We recognize and respect that not everybody sees The Principles the way 3PGC does, that every person must practice as they see fit, and that there are bound to be differences of opinion on this matter. We are hopeful that these differences will not deter practitioners from joining 3PGC as a general member. We do not expect or require any practitioner to agree or comply with our definition of a Principles-based Practitioner in order to join the organization as a general member. The above criteria deal only with membership at the Practitioner level.

We hope this clearly describes our philosophy on the subject of Principles-based Practitioners. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we would greatly appreciate if you would contact us at info@3pgc.org.

If you meet all four of the listed criteria and agree with the 3PGC Principles-Based Practitioner Philosophy, please download the  3PGC Apprentice Practitioner Application and email your completed application to info@3pgc.org. Once your application is accepted, you will receive a link to register and pay the annual apprentice practitioner dues. Thank you for your interest and support in bringing the Three Principles to a broader audience.

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