Requirements for Becoming a 3PGC International Community

As a professional organization dedicated to the importance of The Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks, the 3PGC upholds standards for any community that wants to be listed in our 3PGC International Communities directory. If you’re interested in becoming an approved and supported 3PGC International Community, please review the list of qualifications below to confirm your community meets the standards for approval:

  • 1. The most important qualification is that your community shares the vision of the 3PGC which is: to increase the number of people who are teaching, sharing, and learning The Three Principles, to enhance and facilitate professional collaboration in this field, and to promote the importance of Sydney Banks’ materials as the key primary source.
  • 2 .Your community shares the intent of 3PGC involvement with international communities to support teams that are being brought together by a common vision of collaboration, cooperation, synergy and openness to create an international web of collaboration and support.
  • 3. At least 2 people or preferably more of the people leading the community must be 3PGC paid Community Members. The international community’s organizing group/board must consist of 5 people, and we would encourage that they are all Community Members.
  • 4. As a nonprofit organization, the 3PGC’s intent is to support communities and networks of people, not businesses. The community must, therefore be a nonprofit (all income must be directed to supporting the goals of the organization).
  • 5. 3PGC International Communities should be independent of any one member’s content or programs. Only content and programs created by the community should be included as offered by the 3PGC international communities, and only content and programs created for the communities specifically for 3PGC can be offered via the 3PGC.
  • 6. The community must be specifically and solely dedicated to teaching The Three Principles. A community in which you also teach or incorporate other spiritual or personal development methods or philosophies would not qualify under the 3PGC.
  • 7. The community is connected either by area (the largest area being a country), by interest or by language.
  • 8. Before starting a group, please fill out this form to set up a time to have a conversation on what your vision is and if it would be aligned with, and be helpful to, the overall 3PGC Community.

Fill out his form and we will contact you to schedule a conversation

Application: International Communities

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