Change Stories: The Hope in Seeing Innate Wellbeing


In this webinar series 3PGC are inviting members to share their Change Story.

A Change Story is when you find you are having a fresh experience of life, a profound shift, or an insight delivering a new understanding. It could be one moment in time or a series of transformations. It’s often described like this, “Everything is different, but my circumstances are the same. How can that be?”

As many of you know, hearing how the Principles have impacted someone can often spark insights within ourselves. In these conversations, we will look in the direction of what it is about the Principles that was so helpful in shifting from struggle to relief, and in the direction of the truth of who you really are.

Cherie Ray will be the host of these webinars. Cherie will guide the participant through questions in the conversations, so their story will be unfolded for everyone to enjoy and get inspired by.

When is this happening?

See the Calendar for more details.

How do you attend?

Please register for these events through the calendar.

Who will be the Presenter(s) ?

Cherie Ray will be the host of these webinars. In the conversations Cherie will help guide the participant with questions, so the story can be unfolded for everyone to enjoy and get inspired by.

How much does it cost?

For Practitioner members: Part of the membership

For Community members: Part of the membership

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