Discoveries of Sydney Banks


This program contains ten webinars with Dr. George Pransky, the first licensed therapist to hear and study with Syd and then became a close friend. In this unique program George draws you into deep reflection on each of Syd’s groundbreaking discoveries. These videos are a must-see for everyone who are interested in realizing their true nature and innate well-being. 

Themes for each session:

Session 1: Discovery One – The Nature of Thought

Session 2: Discovery Two – The Nature of Consciousness

Session 3: Discovery Three -The Nature of Mind

Session 4: Discovery Four – Principles

Session 5: Discovery Five – Core Feelings

Session 6: Discovery Six- Levels of Consciousness

Session 7: Discovery Seven – Clarification of the Concept of Freewill

Session 8: Discovery Eight- The Quiet Mind

Session 9: Discovery Nine -Transcendent Intelligence

Session 10: Discovery Ten – Enlightenment Experience

Note that this program is part of the yearly membership.

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