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Exploring the Three Principles of Sydney Banks

Determining where to start can be challenging, especially with all the resources available on this site. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate and enhance your understanding of the Three Principles. Whether you’re new to the Three Principles or have been familiar with them for a long time, this guide is designed to support everyone in deepening their understanding.


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Start with the works of Sydney Banks

The Washington Lectures

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The Washington Lecture Series
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All Sydney Banks Materials in one place

Sydney Banks Page

We have created a page with "All Things Sydney Banks" for you.
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Want more videos?

The original videos of Sydney

Sidney Banks YouTube

Long Pine Publishing has created this channel with the original Sydney Banks Videos
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The Books

Which book should you start with?

We suggest

The Enlightened Gardener, Second Change or The Missing Link
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3PGC Resources.

Where to start?

As a member of 3PGC we recommend that you deepen your understanding with these resources.

A Simple Premise

Focus on treating the Principles as a complete stand-alone understanding

Video Series

The Key to depth, development and client impact...
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The Foundations Course

Introducing you to the Three Principles as they were revealed to Sydney Banks.

Lay the foundation

This course will lay the foundation for all further study in the Three Principles
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Exploring The Books

Exploration of the 6 books by Sydney Banks


These sessions were led by long time students mentored directly by Syd.
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Live Principles Grounding Demos

Deepen your insights into the Three Principles. Feel more ease and happiness in your everyday living.

Sharing The Principles

Each of us has their own unique way of sharing the Principles. These demos will support you in finding your own way to share your understanding of the Three Principles with the people in your life.
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Trust your Wisdom to select other materials.

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