3PGC Registered Practitioners Directory

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Address: Ana Holmback
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Practice type: Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Webinars, Telephone Consultations
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://www.anaholmback.com/
Business Phone Number: (480) 694-0852
Practitioner Email: anaholmback@gmail.com
Address: Amir Karkouti
Carlsbad, CA
Practice type: I work with individual, recovering addicts, families, video consultations, and have extensive coaching programs online and offline.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: www.amirkarkouti.com
Practitioner Email: amir@amirkarkouti.com
Address: Fiona Lukeis
Mount Martha, VIC

Practice type: I run seminars, retreats and work with individual clients, couples and businesses. I have also worked with children and teenagers.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://fionalukeis.com.au/
Business Phone Number: +61425857381
Practitioner Email: Fiona@fionalukeis.com.au
Address: Mark Lyttleton
London, UK
nw3 1lg
Practice type: Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Practitioner Email: marklyt@me.com
Address: High Expectations Counseling
Linda Mikis
Orland, FL
Practice type: Teaching what I understand about the 3 principles (as much as anyone can know) to Individual, couples, children (they are the ones who catch on the most).
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: http://www.lifecounselingorlando.com/
Business Phone Number: 702-813-1753
Practitioner Email: lindamike20@gmail.com
Address: Andrea Olsen
Quist Coaching, LLC
Seattle, WA
Practice type: Individual Clients, Groups, Seminars, Internet Consultations, Substance Abuse, Ex-Offenders, Beyond 12-Step.
Business Phone Number: 206-328-4433
Practitioner Email: AndreaAnnOlsen@gmail.com
Address: Marnix Pauwels
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
The Netherlands

Practice type: I work with clients from every walk of life and all ages, typically older than 20. My ‘specialties’ are addictions, compulsive disorders, stress, depression and anxiety, and all kinds of existential issues. I’m an avid learner, amazed by life, and it would be hard to find a client that I don’t feel I can help.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: www.marnix.nl
Business Phone Number: +31654778261
Practitioner Email: marnix@woedend.nl
Address: Marina Pearson
Xabia, Alicante, Spain
Practice type: Webinars, groups, zoom consultations, individual clients, workshops and retreats in my home in Spain
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: http://marinapearson.com/
Business Phone Number: 0034662109828
Practitioner Email: marina@marinapearson.com
Address: Susan Perry
Hampshire, United Kingdom
Practice type: Couples relationship coaching: Specialising in couples caught in the exhausting cycle of conflict.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://www.susanperry.org/
Business Phone Number: 44 7957 661399
Practitioner Email: suskperry@gmail.com
Address: Marc Polednik Coaching
Berlin, Germany
Practice type: 1:1 Coaching with individual clients (career, life) and Groups, businesses and organizations (leadership, performance, team building), workshops, trainings, webinars
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: www.marcpolednik.de
Business Phone Number: +49 30 22804433
Practitioner Email: post@marcpolednik.de

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