3PGC Registered Practitioners

Address: Blue Dot Coaching
Sumaya Abuhaidar
Butte, CO
Practice type: Individuals, couples, families
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://bluedotcoaching.org/
Business Phone Number: 970.497.2308
Practitioner Email: sumaya@bluedotcoaching.org
Address: Blue Dot Coaching
Jason Berv
Crested Butte, Colorado, United States
Practice type: Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://bluedotcoaching.org/
Business Phone Number: (970) 497-2308
Practitioner Email: jason@bluedotcoaching.org
Accepts Insurance: TRIAD Employee Assistance Program in Colorado
Chantal Burns
Practice type: Specialise in working with organisations and business – leadership teams and staff. Both individual and group seminars. Also online training, video consultations. We work across multiple sectors including media, finance, healthcare, social services. Development needs that we support include leadership, culture change, relationships, team dynamics, resilience, performance improvement.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: www.consciousleadershipschool.com
Business Phone Number: +44(0)7958 224175
Address: Alexandra Cèspedes Zùñiga
San Josè, Costa Rica
Practice type: Trabajo con cliente individuales, en pareja, hago seminarios, charlas, hago servicios sociales compartiendo los Tres Principios con personas con cáncer y otros, etc.  Como intereses especiales me gusta como mencione anteriormente compartirlos con personas con situaciones de Cáncer, pero realmente me gusta compartir con todas las personas o situaciones, se que este entendimiento ayuda en […]
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://www.daletransformacioncr.com/
Business Phone Number: +506 89341000 / +506 22316662
Address: Claudette Dietlin
Port Townsend, WA
Practice type: I work with individual clients and small groups. Special interests include habits, anxiety, and expanding possibilities.
Business Phone Number: 360-481-0461
Practitioner Email: claudette.lifecoach@gmail.com

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