3PGC Registered Practitioners

Address: Blue Dot Coaching
Sumaya Abuhaidar
Butte, CO
Practice type: Individuals, couples, families
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://bluedotcoaching.org/
Business Phone Number: 970.497.2308
Practitioner Email: sumaya@bluedotcoaching.org
Address: Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones
Malibu, CA
Practice type: Individuals, Couples, Families and Teens.
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://www.deladeyjones.com/
Business Phone Number: 310 266 4297
Practitioner Email: deladeyjones@gmail.com
Address: Paulinox Consulting
Dror Amir
Santa Monica, CA
Practice type: Executive Consulting and Coaching, In Person and Via Zoom
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: http://www.paulinox.com/
Business Phone Number: +1 (213) 924-9448
Practitioner Email: dror@paulinox.com
Address: Gina Anastasi
Marina del Rey, California, United States
Practice type: Individual Clients, Business, Telephone Consultations
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: https://www.ginaanastasi.com/
Business Phone Number: (310) 463-5456
Practitioner Email: gina@ginaanastasi.com
Address: Joe Bailey and Associates, Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Practice type: Individual Clients, Couples, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Practitioner Website/Online Contact: http://www.joebaileyandassociates.com/
Business Phone Number: (612) 978-8103
Practitioner Email: hrcbailey@comcast.net

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