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February 2021

3-Day Online Workshop for Coaches, Consultants, Business Leaders
Feb 26th – 28th, 2021 (11-5:30 pm UK time zone)

This program is part of our commitment to increasing the global understanding of the human mind and creating an international community that is genuinely seeking progressive, tangible change.

This program might be for you if you:

  • Are a coach, consultant or business leader already successfully helping others achieve excellent results.
  • Have experience in large, complex organizations.
  • Are a business leader who wants to take your team and/or organization to the next level.
  • Have wondered if there is a missing variable that accounts for predictable and sustained change.
  • Have a passion for learning and enjoy deepening your ability to coach, consult, lead or mentor.
  • Are ready to expand the scope of your work – aiming bigger, deeper and further into both business and societal change.

Please check out our website for more details:

March 2021

3PGC Global Nursing & Health Professions Call

2 MAR 5 pm PDT 8 pm EST
16 MAR 10 am PDT 1 pm  EDT

Are you a nurse, or other health professional?  Please join our global conference call as we develop a global strategic plan to bring new life to ourselves, our professions, and health care organizations/schools. Connect with other health professionals who are sharing the 3 Principles with clients, students, and colleagues in bringing recognition of Innate Health to all.  To be on mailing list RSVP to

Coddiwomple Group Program with Kristy Halvorsen
Mondays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm UK
March 8th – May 10th
$99 for eleven 60 minute sessions
The group is kept intimate at 14 members

After wondering, wandering, and experiencing dramatic shifts in my life I began offering a three month small group program as a space of open exploration: We explore the simplicity of Life in complete freedom.

You bring the topics. In past groups we have explored love, insecurity, how to change the world, specific poems, songs, business, relationships, confidence, money, health and our body, freedom… and on and on. We leave teaching at the door. I may point, inquire, and get curious, but what you see is in you.

Curious? Join in: We meet once a week and life shifts for all of us in different ways. What we discuss crosses all boundaries. What we explore changes everything. Learn more, register and hear what past participants have shared about what has changed since joining the group: Coddiwomple Group Program

Registration is open until March 15th or until the group reaches 14 members.

Women’s Virtual Relationship Ready Foundational Retreat
Led by Lila Turner & Susan Marmot

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th March 2021
3pm to 8pm (GMT)
Start times suitable for US and UK time zones.

Dating can be frustrating.  It doesn’t have to be.
Relationships don’t have to be hard work. We can show you how.

“It all started by coming on this course. I thought it would be nice to date and never thought in a million years this would be the outcome of it. Oh my god there is a different way to have a Relationship.”

Learn more and register here:

The Joy of Being with Natasha Swerdloff

March 31st and running 12 weeks online

Join Natasha with 5 amazing colleagues. Starting on March 31st and running 12 weeks online 2 hours a week we will be exploring The Joy of Being. You can in in touch with Natasha by writing to her here: or go to for more information about the program and how to sign up.

April 2021

Insight to Wellbeing

Beyond Recovery, SPARK Initiative and Insight Alliance have collaborated to create a Prison Curriculum. The license and training will be provided as part of a package.

Training will be in April 2021 $3000

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