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July 2021

The Freedom of Our True Self
Date and time: Sat, Jul 31, 2021, 9:30 AM – Sun, Aug 1, 2021, 4:30 PM EDT
Brattleboro, VT

Join Andy Winter and Dicken Bettinger for a weekend of light-hearted exploration of what it means to be free. Free to be unburdened by your thinking. Free to live at peace with whatever feelings flow through you. Free to enjoy your senses. Free to experience close connections with nature and others. Learn what it means to step out of conditioned thinking and personality into unconditioned true self. Discover with us how to go beyond all of your thinking to a dimension of our being that is free. Our true self is a space of aware presence within each of us. It is always present and whole. It can’t be broken or damaged. Any of us can have insights that allow us to come home to this freedom space within. The good news is that every one of us already has everything we need to wake up to, and live from, our true self.

This weekend will be based on the groundbreaking new understanding of well-being called the Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks. Andy and Dicken have years of experience in sharing these discoveries to audiences all over the world.

Learn more and register here:

August 2021

3PGC Global Nursing & Health Professions Call
3 AUG 5 pm PDT, 8 pm EDT
17 AUG 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT

Are you a nurse, or other health professional?  Please join our global conference call as we develop a global strategic plan to bring new life to ourselves, our professions, and health care organizations/schools. Connect with other health professionals who are sharing the 3 Principles with clients, students, and colleagues in bringing recognition of Innate Health to all.  To be on mailing list RSVP to

“It will take 150 Years for the world to see the kind of nursing I envision….”
-Florence Nightingale 1870
    2021: The Year of the Nurse and Midwife

Coddiwomple Group Program with Kristy Halvorsen
Mondays at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern/5pm UK
August 16th – October 18th
$99 for eleven 60 minute sessions
The group is kept intimate at 14 members

The person who pauses and reaches uncomfortably for new words is working at the edge of the known, toward the larger, unspoken understanding that lies beyond our memories and what we’ve been taught to be true. Something special happens here: We begin to notice barriers we didn’t know we had, we are invited to look past what we believe, we become explorers of everything, life opens effortlessly, flows beautifully, and better still we come alive

This group allows and encourages us to be in a space of complete openness, totally free from anticipation. We inquire together with no expectation to ‘get something’ or find answers. Yet, it is guaranteed you will get something… and your experience of life will shift as we dabble in the unknown with curiosity and wonder.

Curious? We meet once a week and life shifts for all of us in different ways. What we discuss crosses all boundaries. What we explore changes everything. Learn more, register and hear what past participants have shared about what has changed since joining the group: Coddiwomple Group Program

Registration is open until August 23rd or until the group reaches 14 members.

September 2021

A three track modular programme for trainee coaches, existing coaches or for anyone looking to make a greater difference in the world.

Join the 3 day online retreat on 24th to 26th September.

Learn more and register here:


Doing Without Doing
September 24-26, 2021

Instead of trying to figure life out, let’s quieten our minds, and sooth our soul. From this space we can reimagine the world with understanding rather than with judgment, which leads to exhaustion.

From this quiet space, we speak with love and respect, which allows people to listen more deeply. From this space, resistance that creates conflict is lessened.

There is something beyond seeing with the eyes. There is a depth of vision that is gained from stillness, the spiritual essence within us all.

We hope you can join us this September for our virtual gathering, as we explore “doing without doing”, as Sydney Banks often said.

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