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May 2019:


“The Foundations of Health programme is a beautiful place to hang out and be led to the truth. To a place of quiet and calm. John and Karen are deeply knowledgeable and their immense support is strong and genuine. This has been a profoundly life-changing experience and I will never look back.” (Nicky H, FOH March 2018 attendee – 23 years of CFS)

The Foundations of Health programme offers a new foundation for exploring healing from chronic conditions like Anxiety, Depression, CFS/ME, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Migraines & Chronic Pain.

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Want to know more about the SPARK curriculum and our upcoming training? Be sure to join us live  Tuesday, May 28th for our Live Quarterly Q & A Webinar!

This webinar is open to everyone! Please click the link below at the scheduled time to join us!

Tuesday May 28th 2019

Time: 3 pm EDT, 8 pm UK

We look forward to answering your questions and sharing SPARK with you!

Inspired Mind
Understanding the Source of all Human Performance
With Denise Holland and Andy Winter

Online Group Program for all Sportspeople
Tuesdays 28th May – 2nd July 2019
(19.00-20.30 BST – 14.00-15.30 EST – 11.00-12.30 PDT)

Every Tuesday for six weeks via zoom conferencing, we invite you to join transformative coaches Andy Winter and Denise Holland in a unique conversation about our use of the human mind in creating outstanding performances in sport. You will also get the valuable opportunity to share experiences and challenges with like-minded fellow delegates.

For more information and to register:

While learning and awareness fuel change along the horizontal dimension, insight and leaps in consciousness fuel change along the vertical dimension.
A deep understanding of – and respect for – how all humans are already, always operating moves you along the vertical dimension. The horizontal dimension involves incremental change, while the vertical dimension deals in the transformation. Your understanding of how human life works is where deep, lasting, insight-based transformation takes place.
There is something incredibly powerful about coming together to explore these truths with others.
Join Dr. Amy Johnson for an in-person exploration into the vertical dimension. There are 2 locations for you to choose from:
USA: Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2 in Plymouth, Michigan.
UK: Friday, June 28 through Saturday, June 29th in London, UK.
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May 30 & 31, 2019

Live More Stress Less. Maria Iliffe-Wood will be joined on Day one by Dicken Bettinger. We will be talking and reflecting upon what’s love got to do with living a more fulfilling and enjoyable life and having less stress in our lives. Maria will lead a reflection on Day two. The event will take place near Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK

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June 2019:

3PGC Global Nursing & Health Professions Call 
10 June 2019 5:00pm PDT & 8:00pm EDT 
    24 June 2019 10:00am PDT & 1:00pm EDT     


Are you a nurse, or other health professional?  Please join our global conference call as we develop a global strategic plan to bring new life to ourselves, our professions, and health care organizations/schools. Connect with other health professionals who are sharing the 3 Principles with clients, students, and colleagues in bringing recognition of Innate Health to all. 
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Free Wisdom Entrepreneurs Webinar with Jacqueline Hollows
Monday 24 June 2019

In 2015 Jacqueline Hollows set up Beyond Recovery CIC, a non-profit business that provides support for those who have been impacted by addiction, mental health issues and offending behaviour.

She is also passionate about others seeing the infinite potential of themselves and taking inspired action for societal change, whatever that might be.

Join Jacqueline and other budding entrepreneurs for the free Wisdom Entrepreneurs webinar at 6pm UK time. Sign up on Eventbrite to receive details of the link for this and future webinars, details of the Facebook group and past recordings.

Dates: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 – Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Location: Virtual program delivered online – participate no matter where you are!

Format: 4 hours of interactive training in our virtual classroom per day, for three days. Videos of the training will also be recorded for you to keep and re-watch as needed.

Times: 1 pm – 5 pm ET

For more information, or to register visit our training page and scroll down to the June Training:

*PLEASE NOTE: This virtual training will be geared towards individuals that already have an understanding of the foundation of the curriculum. If you are apart of a school district or organization that would like training, please contact us at for more information on personalized training specific to your organization’s needs.

We all have ideas about who we are, our limitations, gifts, shortcomings, likes, disslikes, potential, personality and more, but what if all these thoughts and this entire identity was something we innocently created for ourselves? What if it were only in place because we believed it. The truth is that every moment of our lives is a fresh new moment and we are not bound by our past or our ideas about “who” we are (or anyone elses). Human beings have far more freedom than that. Once people begin to see their true nature they discover that life is not bound by the limitations they previously believed were real.

Click here to learn more and to register.

Into the Unknown with John El-Mokadem
Starts June 28th, 2019

The unknown – it’s a place which so many of us are uncomfortable dwelling and which we are quick to try and get ourselves out of. But what if we could actually learn to be comfortable dwelling there, and what if we could insightfully see that actually it was the source of our greatest potential in every area of our lives and work?

Into The Unknown” is a 6 month exploration that includes 3 intensives (2 in the UK and 1 in La Conner, Washington), one to one calls and masterclasses.  It aims to help us uncover just how naturally resilient we are, and to help us see the potential of the unknown, and how everything that we seek, in every area of our lives, is actually to be found there. Click here to learn more.

July 2019:

MindSpa: 10-12 July 2019
Beyond Recovery and Innate Thought are hosting a well-being and resilience retreat for professionals.
Even the most positive and optimistic people will inevitably experience personal and professional setbacks and challenges. It is how quickly we rebound from these setbacks and how much baggage we carry forward that makes all the difference. Our resilience is equally linked with our ability to access our clarity of mind and calm at times of challenge and uncertainty.
Beyond Recovery has spent the last four years working with prisoners in a custodial environment. We have seen first hand the challenges and strains prison and support staff are under. If well-being, clarity of mind and experiencing resilience were ever important, they certainly are for this group of professionals! After the resounding success of our previous six retreats we have scheduled our next event for July 2019.
The retreat is for three full days and you are requested to do no other work during that time. Think of this as a Mind Spa where you can relax and explore where well-being and resiliency comes from and how we can all access it regardless of our circumstances!
Full details can be found via this link

July 19th – 21st, Santa Monica, CA

Mid-Year Reset & Refresh
Hit the refresh button and experience new insights, fresh perspective and momentum in your work and life.

A 2.5-day retreat led by Angus & Rohini Ross, Amy Johnson, Scott Kelly & Barb Patterson

What if you could reset, refresh and move into the second half of 2019 with more energy, creativity, connection and purpose?

This weekend retreat will be a rare opportunity to hear from and engage with five teachers who are committed to helping people access new levels of well-being, vitality, creativity, purpose and connection. We will all point to the same truth & understanding, but with our own unique insights that focus in our specific areas of interest.

For more information and to register, go to:

September 2019:

7th & 8th September 2019
Live More Stress Less, Effortless Change

Maria Iliffe-Wood and Ashley Wood will share their experience of how the Three Principles understanding has changed their lives. How it can bring about effortless change that lead to a happier and stress free life whilst being as busy, if not busier than ever. The event will take place near Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK

Join The SPARK Initiative for this comprehensive, LIVE 2-day training in London!

In our time together, we’ll train you to become a SPARK educator, and you’ll leave with clear demonstrations of activities, and innovative ideas to bring the program into your school or community organization.

We’ll walk you through the program objectives, review lessons with you, and explore hands-on demonstrations of the activities. We’ll also provide coaching on best practices in delivering the S.P.A.R.K. program with impact and ease.

At the end of our program, you’ll walk away with a certificate stating you have been trained by The SPARK Initiative to deliver the S.P.A.R.K. program as a Facilitator.

Dates: September 2019, Exact Dates TBD
Location: London, UK
Times: 9am- 4pm

For more information:

October 2019:

“Healing the World: Coming Home to the Heart of the Principles”:
A “Heart of the Principles” 7-month Advanced 3 Principles Program with Dr. Dicken Bettinger begins October 24-26, 2019– 1st retreat

Program Description:
Sydney Banks asserted that all true change is spiritual change. He said that the only way the world truly changes is when each of us goes “inside” and raises our level of consciousness, thereby helping to raise the overall level of consciousness in the world. In this program you will discover through your own experience and realizations how a shift in your level of consciousness brings more love and understanding into the world. Each and every one of us can help heal the world of its suffering, greed, and violence. You do not have to be someone special or do something extraordinary. You do not have to become a 3P teacher or coach. Your only qualification for being a spiritual change agent in the world is to be a human being willing to surrender into the heart of the Principles.

Who is This Program For:
Dr. Bettinger’s program is open to 12 individuals whose insights into the 3 Principles as revealed by Sydney Banks have brought more overall well being into their lives, and are now interested in helping to heal the world.

Click here for the full program description. Email to as soon as possible to reserve your place in the group.

November 2019:

22nd – 24th November 2019
Live More Stress Less, Laughter and Love

A conversation about the Three Principles with Andy Winter always involves heaps of laughter and loads of love. Join Maria Iliffe-Wood, Ashley Wood and Andy in a lovely conversation about how the Three Principles can lead to more laughter and less stress in our lives.  The event will take place near Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK

Here’s the link to book onto the event:

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