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December 2020

3PGC Global Nursing & Health Professions Cal
1 DEC 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST
15 DEC 10 am PDT 1 pm EST
“It will take 150 Years for the world to see the kind of nursing I envision….”  -Florence Nightingale 1870
2020: The Year of the Nurse and Midwife

We look forward to hearing Carla Hay Perdue, Nurse Practitioner in Texas on Dec 1
and Karen Miller Williams, RN, first generation 3P teacher on Dec 15

Are you a nurse, or other health professional?  Please join our global conference call as we develop a global strategic plan to bring new life to ourselves, our professions, and health care organizations/schools. Connect with other health professionals who are sharing the 3 Principles with clients, students, and colleagues in bringing recognition of Innate Health to all.  To be on mailing list RSVP to

What are You Missing? Listening Brings Connection, Efficiency & Success
December 2nd & 3rd

Are you in a listening profession? If you are in the world trying to connect with people, you are.

Are you a parent? A partner? Are you tired of having the same conversation again and again but never seeing results beyond a certain point in the conversation? These are all signs that your listening is not as good as it could be. Parents and partners get fresh results when listening is deepened.

Efficiency is one of the top benefits to improved listening. Realtors, physicians, property managers, attorneys, team leaders, are just a few of the professions that have reported greater efficiency and impact when their listening is improved. Connection and ease in collaborating are proven benefits as well. When listening happens, change happens.

We will meet twice in support of you taking what you have learned in session 1 out into your world and then bringing your questions to session 2 to deepen your understanding. This course supports you in taking listening from a concept to a reality in your life.

This is a great opportunity to bring your team together to learn together.

Do you have questions? Reach out by calling Cherie at 832.545.8488 or email at

Sessions will be recorded via Zoom.
Wednesday, December 2, noon-1:30pm CST, 10am-11:30pm PST, 1-2:30pm EST
Thursday. December 3, noon-1pm CST, 10am-11am PST, 1-2pm EST
Tuition: $65

Cherie Ray, MLA, is a coach and consultant to business leaders, teams, and individuals who want to live a more richly connected life, with more resilience and creative potential.

OneThought is now offering full and partial scholarships.
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One Thought  Foundations of Impact Practitioner Programme
Begins December 4th, 2020

Who is this programme for?
Have you experienced a life-changing shift through understanding The ThreePrinciples and felt drawn to sharing that potential with others?

Our Foundations of Impact Programme is designed to fill the gap for people who see the potential of The Principles, want to share it with others, but find it difficult, complicated, feel a lack of clarity or confidence or don’t feel able to easily start. This programme is for aspiring practitioners and internal experts.

A practitioner is an individual whose work is sharing The Principles with clients – individuals, organisations or communities. We have had aspiring and existing therapists, coaches, consultants and trainers on our practitioner programmes.

An internal expert Is a person in an existing position within an organisation who wants to bring a professional-level understanding of The Principles to their work, either by providing support to their colleagues or through a more considered focus on their influence on the culture they work in. To date, we have trained internal experts from private and public businesses, government departments, the prison service, the NHS and education.

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January 2021

One Thought Practitioner Development Programme
Begins January 22nd, 2021

What is practitioner development?
Three years ago I had a very strong inspiration to provide a different kind of learning resource for active Three Principles Practitioners.

It was clear to me that existing practitioners do not necessarily need further training, although they might want to focus on their learning, their practices and their impact.

For me, watching other practitioners work and discussing my clients with them was an extremely rich experience and one that is not widely available to practitioners. I developed The Practitioner Development Programme to provide this kind of learning to a wider group of the worlds existing practitioners. The experiences and outcomes for the practitioners on this programme tend to be impactful to the work they are doing, affecting the way they approach their work in ways that has often surprised them.

I have redesigned the programme, based on the experiences and observations of the first two years. I have retained and built on the impactful elements of the programme and also changed it to make it more accessible internationally without losing any of the engagement and richness. This is a programme I am very proud of based on its results and contribution to our field.

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Three Principles Foundations course
with Roan Theron
begins Saturday 23 January 2021

Join me as we unpack this understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology and our understanding of life on its head. This revolutionary approach is built around three principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better.

Over the course of 12-weeks, we will deep-dive to understand and deepen our grounding with surprisingly impactful, interactive Zoom calls, and you’ll learn these principles for yourself and gain insight into a variety of subjects that we will explore every week. Follow along with me as I guide you over the edge of your world and into a space of potential and possibilities.  We are starting on Saturday 23 January 2021 with a weekend Transformational Bootcamp and then have weekly interactive Zoom calls after that.  Exact dates and times of these calls to be confirmed closer to the date.

Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your creative power. You’ll be able to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life, and get a deeper understanding and grounding of how these principles playing into various areas of our lives.

Here is what you get:
1. A ticket to the Three Principles Transformational Bootcamp – Saturday and Sunday, online.  This will be recorded in case you cannot attend.
2. A weekly Zoom call over the 12-weeks covering a specific subject. The calls will be 90-minutes in duration and will include 30-minutes Q&A or laser coaching session, and will be recorded in case you cannot attend.
3. Access to a Three Principles Foundations Community Facebook page to ask questions, share ideas and connec

More information can be found here:…

Change Coach Training and Certification Program 
January-May 2021

Do you want to help people become free of habits and anxiety? Do you want to support others to experience deep change that lasts?

Become a Certified Change Coach!

The Change Coach Training and Certification course is a 6-month program with an extremely high level of grounding, training and personal support. This program is grounded in the Three Principles understanding and is all about equipping you to point others toward their own health and resilience–as well as an understanding of how their mind works–so that they find freedom from what holds them back.

The program gives you the unique opportunity to observe The Little School of Big Change where I coach hundreds of people each year, as well as client referral and business building opportunities.  It is ideal if you are brand new to coaching or if you have experience working with clients but are new to working from the 3P understanding.

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