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May 2021

“Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane” join Joseph Bailey with guest Beverly Wilson Hayes
Tuesday, May 18th: 1PM (CDT) on Zoom

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Meeting ID: 819 693 3475
Passcode: N80Tfc

“Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane,” is also the title of my new book that will be out in October.

This podcast series and indeed my book is not about something you have to learn to do. It’s not about something that you have to superimpose over your already busy lives. What I’m pointing to through story and education is to wake up something that’s already complete and whole within you. It’s not something you have to learn. It’s something that you have to remember to bring back to conscious awareness that is already there.

Understanding the Three Principles points people back to their Original Mind.  It’s not a set of things to do. It’s not a program that you have to complete. It’s an education of how the system works to create all of our personal realities. They are the powers behind the scenes that have always been at work to create our unique experience of life.

Join us Virtually in May! 
Dates: May 18th, 19th, and 20th 
Location: Virtual program delivered online – participate no matter where you are!
Format: Interactive training in our virtual classroom for three days. Videos of the training will also be recorded for you to keep and re-watch as needed.

During this live, virtual group training program we’ll give you everything you need to deliver the S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring Program with confidence, clarity, and plenty of fun!

We’ll walk you through the program objectives, review lessons with you, and explore live, hands-on demonstrations of the activities. We’ll also provide coaching on best practices in delivering the S.P.A.R.K. program with impact and ease.

At the end of our program, you’ll walk away with a certificate stating you have been trained by The SPARK Initiative to deliver the S.P.A.R.K. program as a Facilitator.

Learn more and register here:

3PGC Global Nursing & Health Professions Call
18May 10 am PDT 1 pm EDT
1 JUN 5 pm PDT, 8 pm EDT
15 JUN 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT

Are you a nurse, or other health professional?  Please join our global conference call as we develop a global strategic plan to bring new life to ourselves, our professions, and health care organizations/schools. Connect with other health professionals who are sharing the 3 Principles with clients, students, and colleagues in bringing recognition of Innate Health to all.  To be on mailing list RSVP to

“It will take 150 Years for the world to see the kind of nursing I envision….”
-Florence Nightingale 1870
    2021: The Year of the Nurse and Midwife

Please join Dicken Bettinger in a 6-session exploration of accessing our well-being throughout the day.
Dates/times: Wednesdays, May 20, 27, and June 3, 10, 24, and July 1 from 11am-12:30pm Pacific, 2pm-3:30pm Eastern, 7pm-8:30pm UK.

This moment is sacred, is precious! Let’s wake up to it! When we wake up out of the confining world of our thinking, we can all discover new ways to see the world around us. And when free of our thinking we can experience deep feelings of well-being, such as peace, enjoyment, and love. These feelings contain a knowing that can guide us effortlessly through our daily lives. The most ordinary moments become sacred, e.g., walking through the house, looking out the window, washing the dishes, sitting in a meeting. The most challenging moments become opportunities for waking to our own authenticity and a deeper knowing that guides us wisely.

Waking up relieves us from the thinking that burdens us. Waking up allows us to experience being open-hearted. Waking up helps bring more love into the world. Waking up allows us to be a listening presence that impacts those around us. Waking up surprises us with compassionate responses to other people’s upset. Waking up in our relationships brings new levels of intimacy. Waking up reveals to us a parallel world that is both ordinary and sacred, full of wonder and caring for the people and world around us.

“Step inside and find wisdom. It’s newness, a new world”—Syd Banks

Fee: $350. Requests for scholarships to
To reserve your space: pay via PayPal to
Zoom and recording links will be sent to the email you use on PayPal unless you email me otherwise.

A weekend retreat with Cassandra Ogier & Silver Bramham, 3P Registered Practitioners & Equine Guided Educators, at Moondance Ranch, Arroyo Grande, California. Saturday May 22nd, 11am – 4pm & Sunday 23rd, 10am – 3pm.

Are you yearning for nature and stillness? For freedom and a contended mind? Here is an opportunity to relax, reflect, release and explore through Insight-Based Coaching and Equine Guided Empowerment with our free roaming horses.

Join us at the magical Moondance Ranch, on our 50 acre ranch at the edge of the Santa Lucia Wilderness, just 3 hours drive north of LA, for a grounding and illuminating weekend looking in the direction of our true nature.

Since coming upon the teachings of Sidney Banks in 2017/18, both Cass and Silver have immersed themselves in deepening their understanding through the Three Principles.
“We want to share how horses naturally bring us into the present moment, and wherever we find ourselves in that moment, the horse meets us there with no judgement. Just the pure reflection of spirit.”

Maximum of 10 guests.
Confirmation of a negative covid test before arrival at the ranch.
All activities outside with social distancing protocols.
No horse experience necessary. No riding is involved.
$475 per guest.
Bring your own picnic on both days.
Easy local accommodations via Airbnb. Recommendations provided.

Please email Cassandra at for details and registration. All questions are welcomed.

To learn more about Cassandra
To learn more about Silver

The 3 Principles Global Community is pleased to announce a 10-week program
The Discoveries of Sydney Banks and their relevance today
Tuesdays, May 25th through July 27th

This 10-week program is for anyone who wants to bring to life the reminder that this is a living, breathing understanding that deepens indefinitely and meets the realities of your life with a deeper perspective.

Learn more and register here:

June 2021

Coddiwomple Group Program with Kristy Halvorsen
Thursdays at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm UK/ 8:30pm IST ​
June 3rd – August 5th
$99 for eleven 60 minute sessions
The group is kept intimate at 14 members

After wondering, wandering, and experiencing dramatic shifts in my life I began offering a three month small group program as a space of open exploration: We explore the simplicity of Life in complete freedom.

You bring the topics. In past groups we have explored love, insecurity, how to change the world, specific poems, songs, business, relationships, confidence, money, health and our body, freedom… and on and on. We leave teaching at the door. I may point, inquire, and get curious, but what you see is in you.

Curious? Join in: We meet once a week and life shifts for all of us in different ways. What we discuss crosses all boundaries. What we explore changes everything. Learn more, register and hear what past participants have shared about what has changed since joining the group: Coddiwomple Group Program

Registration is open until June 10th or until the group reaches 14 members.

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