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September 2023

An Exploration of the Heart of the Three Principles
– a two day seminar in Copenhagen

Join Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff for a 2-day deep dive into the heart of the Three Principles!

Dates: September 30th – October 1st 2023.
Time: 10:30-16:30 both days.

Together, we will embark on a transformative journey where we reflect on the essence of our true Self, delve into our deepest spiritual core, and explore our boundless capacity for love. This immersive experience aims to awaken our senses, allowing us to fully enjoy and embrace the beauty of our lives.

Throughout the retreat, we will explore what it means to be guided effortlessly by wisdom, navigating through life’s ups and downs and overcoming any challenges we may face. We will discover how we inherently possess everything we need to cultivate more peaceful and kindhearted presence in our relationships.

This uplifting 2-day retreat is designed to provide a relaxing and reflective environment, allowing you the space to uncover your own insights that have the potential to transform your life. The retreat will be engaging, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where everyone will have the opportunity to actively participate and contribute.

Join us for this enriching retreat and embark on a transformative exploration of the Three Principles. Your life will be forever enriched by this extraordinary experience.

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October 2023

Well-being: In Harmony with Life
Speakers: Dr. LINDA PETTIT, Kat Cerna, Katerina Fiserova at 6PM CET, 9AM PT Dr. Bill Pettit will join us online.
October 4th, at 3PM CET, 2PM CT (London), 8AM (New York), 5AM PT (LA and Phoenix).
Online / Zoom – the conference will be in English and Czech (Czech parts will be translated to English via our superb interpreters), space for questions, the event is held live in Prague for those who would like to come in person.
Learn more and register register: or contact:

The Czech 3P practitioners will ponder together with dr. Linda Pettit on the harmony in life and how to be in harmony with life.
Maybe like most people you are looking for methods and techniques to experience harmony and inner peace more often. It’s just that when we try to create peace in our mind, we can’t help but keep thinking about it. So while we try to calm our minds, we find that they are in turn becoming more and more clear.
When our mind is free from limiting ideas, it is pure and open to the direct experience of life. Only then are we able to see it with fresh eyes and be in harmony with it.
At the conference with the amazing psychologist and coach, Dr. Linda Pettit from the USA and co-founders of the public benefit organization Understanding the Mind and transformative coaches Kat Cerna and Katerina Fiserova, you will learn how to be in harmony with life based on the awareness of 3 simple principles of how the world works and also what is the difference between the approach of psychotherapists and transformative coaches to mental health and well-being.

Write Your Book – Writer’s program
Would you like to write a 3P book?

If you write a page per week, it will take about 4 years to write an average sized first draft. Four pages per week and that drops down to about a year.

This program is designed help you find your writing process and write a substantive body of work towards your first draft. You’ll also learn about the publishing process along the way.

You will commit to write several times per week and share a piece of writing with your fellow writers. You will receive kind and considered feedback, designed to inspire you to keep going.

By the end of the program, you will have:
• Written a body of work towards your book.
• Received constructive feedback about your writing.
• Learned about the steps required to get your manuscript to a publishable format.
• Understand more about the publishing process.

We meet online, every week, for 2 hours. Six sessions in total.
Next program dates: Wednesdays, 4th Oct 2023 – 8th Nov 2023, 4pm – 6pm BST 
Limited spaces available.

Link for more information:

A Caged Mind – Your Spiritual Journey Explored
Mind, spirit, God, the intelligence behind life, has been working in your life, for the whole of your life. Understanding the Three Principles didn’t change how life worked. This is an important distinction.

Based on Maria Iliffe-Wood’s book, A Caged Mind, you will explore your spiritual journey and see how the Three Principles have shown up in your life, prior to your understanding and since. This exploration gives greater insights into the nature of insights.

This program will help you to see:
• How personal development/evolution/transformation works.
• How insights work.
• How your inner wisdom has been guiding you, your whole life.
• How to break free of the cage of your own limiting self-beliefs and conditioning.

The full program will comprise
• One one-hour one-to-one session, prior to the course.
• 8 x 2-hour group Zoom sessions.
• One Group Reflection Zoom 3 weeks after the end of the 8 weeks.

Next start date: 5th Oct to 23rd Nov 2023, 4pm BST, 8am PDT, 11am EDT.
Program Fee £800 – can be paid in instalments if that helps.
Book a discovery call with Maria Iliffe-Wood, to see if this program is for you.

The Awakening
Begins with a powerful 3-day live online workshop on 12, 13 & 14 October 2023. All 3 days are recorded for you to catch up or revise whenever you want to.

Changing your life can seem hard and we understand that at Mindfit Coaching Academy.  We’ve lovingly pointed multiple groups and dozens of people towards mental well-being through The Awakening in the last few years! This course will help you discover how you can fully step into the life that is already waiting for you; how you can let go of stress, anxiety, and worry from your life and choose to live in a state of peace and contentment.

This program is 100% online which means you can join from wherever you are in the world and connect with like-minded and heart-centered individuals from across the globe!

Program Registration Link: The Awakening enrolment form

Event link for free Awakening webinar

Uncover the Extraordinary Coach Within with Joe Bailey 
27th – 31st October  2023

We all come to this retreat with the intention to want to help other human beings—to be their true selves, to be happy, to trust their inner wisdom, to operate from inspiration and courage vs habits. Ironically, it is in our quest to help ourselves become more fully who we truly are, that we unleash the power of our own insights and wisdom to guide others to their own innate health.

This retreat/training is designed to do just that—to guide you to the extraordinary coach that lies within you. We are all designed perfectly to live in the feelings of mental health, resilience, and joy, but our own misunderstandings get in the way of the natural healer/coach that is our true essence. Through sharing my discoveries that have helped uncover my healer within and creating experiences for you to discover more clearly who you really already are, you will gain more trust and confidence in your moment to moment insights to guide others.

Taking time to be open and see more for yourselves is the key to unlocking this innate power and wisdom. That intention is all that is required to get the most out of this experience. So sit back, relax in the beauty of southern Spain and the Mediterranean Sea and treat yourself to the opportunity to go deeper into your sense of service, joy and love. Giving this gift to yourself will automatically increase your impact on those you touch through your work and relationships.

Watch the podcast about the event here:
Learn more and register here:

November 2023

Releasing Fear, Expanding Love with Dicken Bettinger


No one likes to get stuck in fear, the contracted feelings that burden us and cover our love. ANYONE can realize the illusory nature of thought-created fear and from there, releasing fear becomes an automatic response and not an effort of ego. When fearful thinking is released, our feelings start to expand and we feel more and more connected to life and others in a positive way. This expansion of feelings IS our true nature, that always underlies our fear, and therefore is love, unconditionally built into the very fabric of our being. When our minds and bodies are free of fear and full of love, then a universal or spiritual wisdom effortlessly moves us through life, no matter how difficult or challenging our circumstances.

Dicken’s career as a psychologist and psychological educator has always been focused on psychological and spiritual well-being. He leads group seminars in the US and throughout Europe. Dicken is the co-author of a book called Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being.

Learn more and register here:

Invisible Power – The Next Paradigm
A 3-Day Online Workshop for Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders and curious individuals
November 9th – 11th (12-6 UK time zone)

This program is part of our commitment to increasing the global understanding of the human mind and creating an international community that is genuinely seeking progressive, tangible change.

This program might be for you if you:
* Are a coach, consultant or business leader already successfully helping others achieve excellent results.
* Have experience in large, complex organizations.
* Are a business leaders who wants to take your team and/or organizations to the next level.
* Have wondered if there is a missing variable that accounts for predictable and sustained change.
* Have a passion for learning and enjoy deepening your ability to coach, consult, lead or mentor.
* Are ready to expand the scope of your work – aiming bigger, deeper and further into both business and societal change.
* Want to learn more about the human mind and it’s remarkable capabilities.

The core of this program is a principle-based understanding of the human mind. It reveals that the mind is actually designed for optimal potential. Misunderstanding has limited this potential. Insight Principles has brought the understanding shared in this program to a variety of businesses and organizations for two decades.

For more information and to register please go to:

The Power of the Principles In Business (TPPIB)
A 4-Day/3 Month Master Class for Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders
November 13-16, 2023
30 ICF CCE Units Available

This unique, comprehensive, in-depth program is for you if:
* You have an ongoing practice as a coach, consultant or business leader seeking to deepen your impact with clients/teams in a business or organizational setting with the 3 principles.
* You want to be part of a small group of professionals on the vanguard of revolutionizing businesses and organizations through an understanding of the principles.

This program is customized to you and your needs.

* We spend time upfront getting to know you and take time to orient you to how the program works so that you get the most out of it.
* You will be part of an invitation-only small group delving deeply into your grounding and skill and art in sharing the principles in a business setting.
* Finally, you will receive 3 months of 1:1 mentoring to guide your growth and assist you in your ongoing client/team work.
* You will have access to our monthly Master-classes, a wide range of video resources, and 30 ICF CCE Units.

For more information and to register please go to:

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