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June 2022

Webinario gratis “Cuándo cae el muro de tus ojos ciegos” Alexis Copello y Carolina Gallardo Barker.

Martes 28/6 -Mex 3pm/ Arg 5pm/ Ingl 9pm/ Esp 10pm
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Meeting ID: 854 8362 5256

Este martes 28/6 te esperamos con Alexis Copello después de participar en la conferencia internacional de 3 Principios en Londres, para encontrarnos a tomar un cafecito en esta charla por zoom!
“Cuando cae el muro de tus ojos ciegos” Cuánto tiempo lleva poder ver algo diferente en lo que nos parece imposible cambiar?
Después de casi una década de haber encontrado este entendimiento, me encontré (y me encuentro) por momentos más pérdida que nunca…sorprendida y agobiada, pensando: cómo es posible que no sepa cómo salir de esta? Le pedí a mi querido amigo y maravilloso colega Alexis ayuda.
Alexis facilita con una paciencia de santo y una tenacidad de hierro. Era la segunda sesión y parecía que después de una hora y 40 minutos no había nada, nada que pudiera sacarme de mi sombrío estado de angustia.
Y ahí Alexis sale con una reflexión simple pero de gol de media cancha, que me saca del fondo del pozo más ciego a la luz total!

Cómo, que pasó, que hay detrás de eso que sucedió, eso que derrumba todo muro cuando lo ves… imparable?
De eso vamos a hablar! Los esperamos con todo nuestro cariño.

Carolina y Alexis

July 2022

Coddiwomple Group Program with Kristy Halvorsen
Wednesdays from July 13th through September 14th
Time: 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK
$99 for eleven 60 minute open format zoom sessions
The group is capped at 14 members

In 2017 I set off on a modern day walkabout and have been wandering the world since. During my journey I realized that understanding comes through direct experience, not “learning.” In 2019 I began offering a three month small group program as a space of deep exploration and experience: We explore the simplicity of Life in complete freedom.

Curious? Check out this short video to get a taste of the joy, freedom and depth of exploration we share. It’s a clip from the Spring 2022 group, in it Claire shares from the heart about what she has experienced:

This group allows and encourages us to be in a space of openness, free from anticipation. We inquire together with no expectation to ‘get something’ or find answers. Yet, it is guaranteed you will get something… and your experience of life will shift as we dabble in the unknown with curiosity and wonder.

You bring the topics. We leave teaching at the door. I may point, inquire, and get curious, but what you see is in you. Life shifts for all of us in different ways. What we discuss crosses all boundaries. What we explore changes everything.

Learn more, register and hear what past participants have shared about what has changed since joining the group: Coddiwomple Group Program

September 2022

Dates: This is an 18 week program beginning on Tuesday, September 13th
Click here to see the full schedule:

The mission of 3pgc is to spread the inspired and hopeful message and works of Sydney Banks throughout the world. One impactful way of doing that is for people who were personally mentored by Syd for decades to lead us as we reflect on each of Syd’s six published books. Please join us for this immersion into Syd’s simple, powerful discoveries, to see more and more clearly how lives are transformed by awakening to the universal wisdom and innate spiritual well-being within all people.

Sydney Banks’ six books, written between 1983 and 2005, were the primary resources available to the original group of people who were inspired to try to take this revolutionary understanding of mental health to the world. When the first book, Second Chance, was written, it was the only real resource the small group of early students of Syd had, and we all pored over it, looking to see beyond our first inklings that we were engaged in something that we barely understood, but we were certain would change psychology and psychiatry. For three decades, Syd was the teacher the original practitioners depended on, and his books and tapes are, and will forever be, the primary source of this understanding.

As the ever-increasing number of proponents of the Principles as a true understanding of innate mental wellbeing continued to learn and grow, Syd wrote books that pushed us along in our journey, seeing our blind spots and continually urging us to quiet down, listen and reflect more, and look more deeply into the spiritual nature of the Principles.

Some of the remaining original students of Syd want to share in-depth reading of these books with the world, to point to the profound and lasting contribution they are to the global realization of the Three Principles.

Learn more:

Aussi minime soit-il, il y a bel et bien un Espace entre nous et ce qui nous bloque…car nous sommes cet Espace !
Et c’est dans cet Espace que la nouveauté peut s’infiltrer, que des idées peuvent germer, des projets verdir… et notre avenir prendre un tout nouveau visage.

C’est un Espace pour l’Audace !
Si tu souhaites cultiver cet Espace pour l’Audace pour donner de la couleur à ton quotidien, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT ouvre ses portes en septembre. Au cours de cette exploration, on fait table rase de toutes les croyances qui empêchent nos idées de fleurir. Cette formation est à la carte : Concrêtement, tu peux décider de ne suivre qu’un seul module ou de suivre les 8 sur 8 mois, et entre ces 2 options, presque toutes les combinaisons sont possibles. C’est la formation qui s’adapte à tes besoins et non toi qui doit te plier à sa structure. Pour en savoir plus sur cette exploration au coeur de notre être pour un mieux-être, mieux-faire et mieux-vivre au quotidien, le programme est ici.

Le tout premier module commence en septembre. Nous nous retrouverons les mercredi soirs ( le 7, le 14, le 21 et le 28) à 19h30 pour 90 minutes sur ZOOM. Ces 6 heures d’exploration seront complétées par 10h d’approfondissement réparties sur 2 jours: le samedi 1er et le dimanche 2 octobre de 16h à 21h. Le BONUS: 90 minutes de coaching (one-to-one) pour faire la lumière sur tes zones d’ombre et donner des ailes à ton projet personnel.Attention, pour que ce groupe puisse permettre à chacun de s’exprimer pleinement, il sera limité à 12 personnes. Ton investissement dans ton changement est de 888€. Si tu t’inscris avant le 31 mai, tu bénéficieras d’une réduction de 222€. Pour les “Early Birds”, l’investissement est donc de 666€ et pour t’inscrire, clique ici.

Tu peux suivre ce programme sans les 90 minutes de coaching personnalisé et bénéficier de l’offre “Early Birds”: soit 555€ au lieu de 777€. Pour t’inscrire, clique ici avant le 31 mai.  Si tu as des questions, des doutes, des zones d’ombre, n’hésite pas à me contacter par le biais du site ou directement à:

The MindBody Wellbeing Retreat, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, US
September 16-18, 2022

“We have all been stuck inside for too long, physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

This weekend will not only be a chance to get out into the fresh sea air surrounded by the gorgeous countryside of historical Cape Cod but an opportunity to explore the Three Principles as it relates to the MindBody. We all have Innate Wellbeing and being stuck in old ideas, stuck up in our heads and inside our homes has had a deep effect on many of us.Taking this opportunity to see past these illusions and connect with Source and our hearts in a beautiful location will be an extraordinary chance to explore what “inside” really means.

This Wellbeing Retreat is open to people who are looking for fresh new ideas about the MindBody connection, a deeper understanding of the Three Principles and a new level of insight into their own physical and spiritual health. I have worked with people with all kinds of physical issues including migraines, digestive problems, health anxiety and Long Covid. So whether it is a physical issue, a trauma or stressful one or you would just like to learn more about your Innate Health, join us for a relaxing weekend of connection, fun and fresh air!

Cost is $290 with an early bird special of $260!! (not including food, lodging or transport )

Take a look at my website to learn more    or you can email me and register at

GOING DEEPER – An Exploration of the Heart of the Three Principles

A 3-day retreat on the beautiful island of Tjøme in Norway
With Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff
Tjøme, 30 September – 2 October, 2022

Join Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff for a 3-day deep dive into the heart of the Three Principles!

Learn more and register here:

Together we will reflect on:
– Our true Self
– Our deepest spiritual core
– Our boundless capacity for love
– Awakening our senses so that we may enjoy our lives
– What it means to be guided effortlessly by wisdom through our ups and downs and through any challenges we face
– How we have everything we need to bring more peaceful, kindhearted presence into any relationship
– How shifts in our level of well-being create positive impacts on those close to us, on our environment, and on the global community.
– How love is always the answer to all of our problems.

Please join us for this uplifting 3-day retreat!
This retreat will be relaxing and reflective so that you will have the opportunity to have your own insights that transform your life. The retreat will be engaging, and everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

Dicken and Natasha will share their freshest insights gained from studying the works of Sydney Banks, whose enlightenment experience revealed the Three Principles.

Learn more and register here:



George and Linda are hanging up their hats on public seminars and invite you to join them for one final hurrah! They will continue to host a Professional Retreat each year, but this will be the last event for the general public. Attend in person or virtually for the incredibly low price of $99! This two and a half day event will be a beautiful culmination of their nearly 50 years in this understanding sharing insights, stories, and wisdom.

If you can’t attend live, recordings will be available for one month.


November 2022

A Slice of Happiness 3 day online Charity Event
18th – 20th November 2022

We have just launched our 3 day charity fundraising event with an early ticket price.  You can find out more and reserve your place now by clicking the link

ALL profits will go to supporting Unemployed individuals in home insecure communities in Hertfordshire, UK who cannot afford to access support AND this is a great opportunity for you to share a space with 25 Leading speakers at just £6.25 per hour. (Recordings will be available for 3 months)

A Slice of Happiness has been supporting the community since 2017 and you can find out more about the work they do by clicking the link here –



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