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Dates: This is an 18 week program beginning on Tuesday, September 13th
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The mission of 3pgc is to spread the inspired and hopeful message and works of Sydney Banks throughout the world. One impactful way of doing that is for people who were personally mentored by Syd for decades to lead us as we reflect on each of Syd’s six published books. Please join us for this immersion into Syd’s simple, powerful discoveries, to see more and more clearly how lives are transformed by awakening to the universal wisdom and innate spiritual well-being within all people.

Sydney Banks’ six books, written between 1983 and 2005, were the primary resources available to the original group of people who were inspired to try to take this revolutionary understanding of mental health to the world. When the first book, Second Chance, was written, it was the only real resource the small group of early students of Syd had, and we all pored over it, looking to see beyond our first inklings that we were engaged in something that we barely understood, but we were certain would change psychology and psychiatry. For three decades, Syd was the teacher the original practitioners depended on, and his books and tapes are, and will forever be, the primary source of this understanding.

As the ever-increasing number of proponents of the Principles as a true understanding of innate mental wellbeing continued to learn and grow, Syd wrote books that pushed us along in our journey, seeing our blind spots and continually urging us to quiet down, listen and reflect more, and look more deeply into the spiritual nature of the Principles.

Some of the remaining original students of Syd want to share in-depth reading of these books with the world, to point to the profound and lasting contribution they are to the global realization of the Three Principles.

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November 2022

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us in the conversation, Stop Before you enter The New Year.
and would love to meet you in the room.

YOU are NOT your HABIT
with Kelly Mabel and Yael Abramson

Free webinar’s
Time: Nov 23, 30, 2022
6:30 PM Jerusalem
8:30am PST
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 955 114 1570
Passcode: 1234

Followed by A 21 Day Reset Paid program,
This Interactive program is Designed to Allow you to see for yourself what lays Behind your Habits, where your Habits are serving you and where thy are not.


PayPal for registration: @YAbramson

December 2022

Awakening to the Power of Innate Mental Health
A Zoom Workshop
Friday – Sunday, December 2 – 4, 2022

Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman host this interactive weekend workshop that is designed for helpers – therapists, coaches, teachers, and more. The workshop will focus on how understanding the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought turns how we help others from a problem/symptom–reduction model to a mental well–being model. This is a totally different way of looking at how people change and what therapy looks like when you realize the power that everyone has to regain their mental well–being, regardless of their circumstances.

We will be sharing how humans create their experience of reality moment to moment, how the innate state of mental well–being works to create psychological balance, and how the innocent misuse of thought ends up creating stress, depression, anxiety, relational problems, and addictions.

The cost for the weekend experience is $250 per person. Group and student rates are also available, as well as limited partial scholarships. For more information or to register, please contact us at or call (808) 254-6484.

In her book A Caged Mind, How Spiritual Understanding Changed a Life, Maria Iliffe-Wood shows how the Three Principles understanding changed her life.
Maria wanted to feel better. In her life there was an undercurrent of unease, anxiety and never feeling good enough. She spent years and thousands of pounds looking for a way to fix herself. Nothing brought her the relief she was looking for. The Three Principles changed everything. These short snapshots in time, over time, show how insights changed her life at a deep level. They show that you don’t need books on how to be happy. You need a simple understanding of how life works, to live an easier, better life.
A Caged Mind is a new kind of self-help book, where the writer takes you through their own personal experiences to show you the healing journey. Insights changed Maria’s life. Reading this book may evoke insights within you that have the potential to change yours.
A Caged Mind – Your Spiritual Journey is a new program based on the book. Through reflective exercises, reading and discussion you will go through eight steps that led Maria Iliffe-Wood to freedom from the cage of her thinking. In this first taster session, she will talk about how the Three Principles helped her, overview the eight steps and how these work, discuss insight-based learning and talk about how the program will flow.
If you would like to change your life, this might well be the place to start.
This is a free taster session for an 8-week program that starts in January 2023. The program will be heavily discounted for people who attend.
Date: Friday 2nd December 2022. 5pm GMT, 9am PDT, 1pm EDT
Register here
A recording of this session will be made available to people who sign up for the full program.

January 2023

The University of Minnesota is offering Kathy Marshall’s CSPH 5201 Spirituality and Resilience class online.

This Principles-based, two credit course is scheduled January 18 – March 4, 2023.

For full details and contact information see

Grad, undergrad and other students from multiple disciplines consistently report the course is life-changing and suggest it should be required for all students. The course has been offered regularly for 21 years. The intimate seminar is live online only, intentionally not recorded and at Central times best suited for North America. Tuition applies.

Kathy is also Executive Director of the National Resilience Resource Center, and author of various scholarly publications.

Kickstart Your Book – Writer’s program
Do you have a 3P story that you want to share with the world? Would you like to write a book – but don’t know where to start? Is something is getting in the way, and you don’t know what it is? Perhaps you’re not convinced that anyone will want to read your story. Maybe you’ve put pen to paper and the words aren’t coming out right. Or maybe you’ve hit a roadblock that you can’t get past.
To write and publish a book is a bigger undertaking than most people realise and when you are at the start of the journey, the road ahead can seem overwhelming.
Don’t worry. You are not on your own.
This programme is designed to help you to get past your barriers and motivated to write your book. After each session you will be invited to undertake specific exercises which are designed to help you on four levels.
– Clarify why your book is important and who will read it.
– Build your confidence to write the book.
– Find your writing process.
– Undertake exercises that are an integral part of the process to publish a book.
By the end of this program you will have more clarity and motivation to write your book. You’ll also have an idea about what’s involved in the process of writing and publishing a book.
We will meet online, every week, for 2 hours, six sessions in total
Early bird booking, to save £50 extended to 20th December for the 3PGC community.
Next program dates: Thursdays: 19th Jan 2023 – 23rd Feb 2023 9am – 11am GMT 
Limited spaces available.
Link for more information:

Start off the New Year by joining Cathy Casey and Mike Hurd for our upcoming Train the Trainer TWO PART program: The Simplicity of Sharing / Teaching / Coaching the Three Principles: Any Time, Any Place, Any Person, or Any Group. 
Where: Zoom (attend from anywhere!)
When: January 20, 21, 22 & February 17, 18, 19, 2023 – Fri 12-2pm ET, Sat 12-6pm ET, Sun 12-6pm ET

If you are a Three Principles Coach, a coach who is interested in The Three Principles, or The Three Principles has impacted you and you want to share it with others, please join us!
This program will help you learn what’s behind what Cathy does when she shares The Three Principles’ understanding with individuals and groups. Her free-flow & fun experiential approach will help you to develop your own “set of eyes” for sharing The Three Principles, so you can create your own programs, workshops and individual coaching (or teaching).

Information, a video introduction, and registration can be found through this link at Eventbrite:

Cathy Casey has over 27 years of experience teaching The Three Principles to a wide variety of companies, organizations, groups and individuals.
Mike Hurd has 3 years of experience teaching The Three Principles and works primarily with business leaders across North America.

Write Your Book – Writer’s program
You know you want to write a book. It’s probably a memoir, novel, or self-help book based on your 3P experience. The problem is – you haven’t written much of it yet!
If you write one page per week, it will take about 4 years to write an average sized first draft. Four pages per week and that drops down to about a year.
It takes discipline, time and attention to write a book. How would you like to gain some traction on writing yours?

This program is designed to motivate you to write on a regular basis and to give you inspiration to kickstart your writing. Each week you will be offered a starter for ten exercise, designed to help you start and keep going with your writing. Each week we will also discuss an aspects of the publishing process.
When you join this group, you will commit to write several times per week and share one piece of what you have written with your fellow writers. You will receive kind and considered feedback, designed to inspire you to keep going. By the end of the program, (provided you do the exercises) you will have written a body of work that will form part of the first draft of your book.
By the end of the program you will have:
– Written a body of work towards your book
– Received constructive feedback about your writing
– Learned about the steps required to get your manuscript to a publishable format
– Understand more about the publishing process

Early bird booking, to save £50 extended to 20th December for the 3PGC community.
We will meet online, every week, for 2 hours. Six sessions in total.
Next program dates: Fridays, 20th Jan 2023 – 24th Feb 2023, 9am – 11am GMT 
Limited spaces available
Link for more information:

L’actualité tourmentée dans laquelle nous baignons nous plombe souvent et nous coupe parfois même l’herbe sous les pieds. Elle m’a donné envie de créer des havres de paix dans lesquels il fait bon se retrouver pour partir d’un nouveau pied en toute sérénité.

Tu as envie de te joindre au groupe des Voyageurs au Coeur du Bonheur ? On se retrouve virtuellement deux jeudi par mois, de 12h12 à 13h13 (heure de Paris – CET) pour se ressourcer et s’inspirer, à partir d’un extrait de mon livre.

Pour 61 minutes de douceur, nous nous retrouvons 6 mois durant :
– le 26 janvier,
– les 9 et 23 février,
– les 9 et 23 mars,
– les 13 et 27 avril,

- les 11 et 25 mai et
– les 9 et 22 juin.

L’entrée est libre et tu peux t’inscrire ici.

Be The Change You Want est une formation / exploration, en français et à la carte, pour tous ceux et celles qui veulent faire l’expérience de la B-attitude et incarner le changement dont ils/elles rêvent.

Be The Change You Want ouvre de nouvelles portes en 2023 pour faire l’expérience du Bien-être, du Bien-faire et du Bien-vivre.
Quand les 3P se transforment en 3B, c’est la magie de la Vie ou le pouvoir transformateur des 3P. 😉

Tu peux décider de ne suivre qu’un seul module mensuel ou de suivre les 8 sur 8 mois, et entre ces 2 options, presque toutes les combinaisons sont possibles. C’est la formation qui s’adapte à tes besoins et non toi qui doit te plier à sa structure.

Tu peux suivre ce programme avec ou sans les 90 minutes de coaching personnalisé et bénéficier de l’offre spéciale Noël en t’en t’inscrivant avant le 12 décembre au bas de cette page. Si tu as des questions, des doutes, des zones d’ombre, n’hésite pas à me contacter par le biais du site ou directement à:

Pour en savoir plus sur cette exploration au coeur de notre être pour un mieux-être, mieux-faire et mieux-vivre au quotidien, toutes les informations pratiques et logistiques sont ici.

Attention, pour que ce groupe puisse permettre à chacun de s’exprimer pleinement, il sera limité à 12 personnes.

Join Dr. Dicken Bettinger in his new 6-Week Zoom Course open to anyone:
“Living in Beautiful Feelings: Exploring the Heart of the Three Principles”

Week 1: What it means to uncover feelings of well-being, our true heart.
Week 2: Accessing pure Thought to uncover deep peace and compassion.
Week 3: Accessing pure Consciousnes to uncover childlike joy and gratitude.
Week 4: Accessing pure Mind to uncover unconditional love and trust.
Week 5: Navigating life’s challenges from the heart.
Week 6: Living a simple heartfelt life.

There will be six 1 ½ hour Zoom classes. There will be time for sharing and for questions. Recordings of each class will be sent to participants following each class.

Dates/times: Tuesdays January 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28 March 7, from 11 am-12:30pm Pacific, 2 pm-3:30pm Eastern, 7pm-8:30pm UK.

Fee: $400.

Reserve your space by sending your payment to my PayPal account

Requests for scholarships to

Zoom and recording links will be sent to the email you use on PayPal unless you email me otherwise.


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