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“How to Connect with Humans” 1-1 sessions at a discounted price with Carolina Gallardo Barker.
It’s our 2nd year anniversary at “How to Connect with Humans” and we can’t believe how amazing and loving you have been to us! We have so many people to thank from our special guests to the hundreds of people in the group and coming back to watch the series on YouTube!
So we wanted to put a few presents at a very discounted price to celebrate together.
 We will start with 1-1 sessions with me (Carolina) at £25 which is approximately 30 US dollars each. *Limited time offer
Please send me an email to to reserve your place or you can go to our website

“How to Connect with Humans” Sesiones personalizadas de 1 hora a súper descuento con Carolina Gallardo Barker

Cumplimos nuestro segundo aniversario con “How to Connect with Humans” La serie de YouTube que creamos, acompañados de grandes invitados, maestros destacados de los tres Principios. Queremos agradecerles el apoyo incondicional y el cariño con el que nos han acompañado. Por eso decidimos ofrecerles regalos para que celebremos juntos.

Vamos a comenzar con sesiones personalizadas de una hora conmigo (Carolina) a un precio muy reducido £25 que son aproximadamente unos U$ 30. *oferta por tiempo limitado
Para adquirir tu sesión envíame un mail a o puedes ir a la página web

The Basic Course with Michael Neill

This is a new free “intro to the principles” program I’ve put together that uses blogs/podcasts/videos to guide people through “the basics”:

If you want to begin experiencing more aliveness, peace, and productivity with less stress, fear, and pressure than ever before in the next two hours, sign up here to access a collection of some of my most popular introductory writing, audio, and video materials lovingly assembled into a “basic course” to get you up and running!

Free Resilience Group for Afghan and Ukraine First Responders/ Volunteers
with Sharon Strimling

With all the global violence erupting, an increasing number of remarkable people are responding to help, often at significant personal sacrifice. And as time moves on, many are feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of what they have signed up for; many are feeling crippling levels responsibility; many are feeling they can’t say “no” to anyone, even to take care of their own families or their jobs.

Many want to connect with other first responders but are so limited on time, they feel they can’t reach out or commit to one more thing.

This Resilience group was born out of that need. We not only provide a relaxed and easy place for relief workers to connect with, hear and understand each other, but also a powerful training that is used now around the globe in high pressure settings to alleviate burnout, to access creative solutions. and above all to re-discover mental wellbeing and balance.

Our setting is casual and kind. Our impact is significant, and life changing.

Learn more here:

Psychology Has it Backwards: The Program

Long-time 3p Practitioners Christine Heath, LMFT, CSAC, MAC, \ and Judith Sedgeman, EdD, offer a weekly meeting based on their Podcasts, Psychology Has it Backwards, simple explanations of how traditional thinking in psychology is the opposite of theThree Principles understanding of experience.

Groups meet twice a week at different times to accommodate time zones.
Wednesdays, 2 p.m. Eastern; Thursdays, 7 p.m. Eastern.

See for info.


Les Explorateurs
– 12 échanges de 90 minutes un dimanche par mois de 19h30 à 21h. Nos échanges sur ZOOM seront enregistrés pour vous permettre de les revoir autant que necessaire, que vous ayez pu être présents ou non.
– un thème par mois, approfondi toutes les semaines avec des invitations hebdomadaires.
– un coaching individuel de 60 min (one to one) en dehors de nos échanges mensuels.
Les champs d’exploration:
– Prendre soin de soi pour que plus rien ne nous arrête.
– Faire toute la clarté sur l’argent et la sécurité financière.
– Nos peurs. Comment desserrer le frein ?
– Accepter, est-ce que c’est se résigner ?
– Nos désirs, envies, passions, … le fioul de nos actions.
– Oser en toute simplicité.
– Temps et Time Management.
– Patiner dans la procrastination. Comment sortir de l’ornière ?
– Courage et passage à l’action, sans pression.
– Se libérer du passé pour prendre son envol.
– Conduire sa vie comme une voiture, de l’intérieur.
– En finir avec le syndrome de l’imposteur.
Les dates:
les dimanches 16 janvier, 20 février, 13 mars, 10 avril, 22 mai, 12 juin, 10 juillet, 21 août, 18 septembre, 9 octobre, 13 novembre, 11 décembre
Pour vous inscrire, contactez-moi à:

4-Day Residential Transformative Coaching Program in Kent, UK
with Denise Holland

This beautiful immersion-style transformative coaching program provides the perfect safe space to switch off, unwind, and get quiet. Together, we will explore how you live life; when you feel light, energised, creative, and clear-minded, and when you don’t? If any of these resonate, this program would be ideal – I’d love to:

  • Clear my mind about a conflict.
  • Address my life, work, balance.
  • Stop waiting for a situation to change.
  • Be free of the pain of loss and grief
  • Move from frustration, as life is complicated.
  • Stop searching; something is missing!
  • Step off the treadmill of expectation and rest.

For more details and apply: Link:

Wellbeing Wednesdays with Dr Giles P Croft

To experience wellbeing, there is nothing to do, only something to see.

Wellbeing Wednesdays are monthly online events, live streamed from the beautiful Wool Croft in Abergavenny. They have an international audience who meet on the first Wednesday of every month (7.30pm UK | 2.30pm ET | 11.30am PT) to explore a different aspect of life from a 3 Principles perspective, in a relaxed, non-judgemental space.

Subscribers get to ask questions on the month’s topic in advance and after the live event a professionally edited video replay, with helpful overlays and links, is made available inside a private membership site, where subscribers can access archives of all previous episodes, covering areas as varied as workplace stress, relationships, grief, mental health & illness, trauma, productivity, forgiveness, chronic pain, religion… you name it, we’ve covered it!

Find out more, watch a clip and browse previous episodes at: ​

A Fresh Perspective on Wellbeing with Dr Giles P Croft

You shouldn’t have to work hard to feel good

The perfect introduction to the 3 Principles, this 4-module self-study course comprises 30 short video lessons, each with context-setting text and a transcript. Created out of clips from Dr Giles speaking at Wellbeing Wednesdays, the course first covers the FOUNDATIONS of human behaviour, before moving to a more in depth look at the MECHANICS of how our minds work, the IMPLICATIONS of this new understanding and an exploration of our TRUE NATURE.

Hosted inside a professional platform that includes a mobile app, you can go at your own pace, join in the conversation with each lesson and explore additional materials from wherever you are. The FOUNDATIONS course (9 lessons) is completely free, and covers all four of the steps explored in the IN DEPTH course.

Find out more and start today at:


Wisdom Entrepreneurs is a community of people who are interested in uncovering their infinite potential through deep, connected conversation and insight. The Wisdom Entrepreneurs webinar series is free webinar on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm UK time and is hosted by members of Beyond Recovery and Beyond Truth.

There is also an active Wisdom Entrepreneurs Facebook group in which we live stream our discussions.

To join the next Wisdom Entrepreneurs Zoom call register on Eventbrite

Writer’s Group Coaching programme with Maria Iliffe-Wood.

Do you want to write a book? If not now, when?

You may have an understanding of the Three Principles or not, and you would like to write a book. Perhaps the book is about your understanding, perhaps it’s about something else, but you haven’t managed to get it off the ground yet. Or perhaps you have started, but you’ve got writer’s block, or have got trapped in all that thinking that has a tendency to stop us doing the things we feel we want to do. You are not on your own.

This writers coaching group is a three month programme for people like you. We meet every two weeks, and the sessions are responsive to what is happening for the people who attend. Places are restricted to a maximum of ten people and there is a price tariff, designed to suit any pocket.

Check out when the next programme is due to start and register your interest.

3P Facebook Group in German // Deutschsprachige 3P Facebook Gruppe

You are invited to join my free 3P coaches FB group in German. I created the group in 2019 and we are a growing community with 180+ german-speaking members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Du bist herzlich zu meiner deutschsprachigen 3P Coaches FB Gruppe eingeladen. Ich habe die Gruppe 2019 gegründet und wir sind eine wachsende Community mit bereits 180+ Mitgliedern:

3P Coaches Club in German // Deutschsprachiger 3P Coaches Club

Der 3P Coaches Club mit Marc Polednik ist ein einjähriges Programm (Start: Oktober 2021) mit monatlichen Calls und Masterclasses zum Austausch und Support für die deutschsprachige Drei Prinzipien Community aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Der 3P Coaches Club 2021-2022 ist bereits ausgebucht. Für die nächsten Termine oder Fragen kontaktiere mich gerne:

This is a one year mentoring group program with monthly calls and masterclasses for German-speaking 3P coaches and practitioners to help you deepen your understanding and to connect with a like-minded community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The program is already sold out but feel free to contact for any questions or next dates.

Club de Coaches es un espacio de exploración, entrenamiento, mentoría y supervisión en el arte y la ciencia del coaching de transformación desde los 3 Principios. En Club de Coaches encontrarás una comunidad activa dispuesta a aprender, compartir y profundizar con colegas y exploradores afines, ávidos de compartir su experiencia contigo para que puedas seguir mejorando en tu práctica y profundizando en tu entendimiento.


En Club de Coaches, nos reunimos los primeros 4 miércoles del mes para explorar a profundidad temas fundamentales del coaching de transformación y realizar sesiones de mentoría en vivo. En éstas últimas, realizamos un análisis y evaluación de una sesión de coaching real proporcionada por alguno de los miembros del Club, todo con el fin de explorar áreas de oportunidad de crecimiento, de profundización de entendimiento y de potenciar el nivel de impacto del coach.
Para más detalles e inscribirte visita Te invitamos: Marina Galán, Laura Mesa y Fernando Arath.

SheConnects Circle

An honest space where women unite to be seen, heard and empowered. Learn how to take care of your mental health and well-being from a holistic perspective.

My name is Charli Wall and I have coached hundreds of women just like you. Over my years re-aligning women with their true life path, as well as running a successful health and fitness business, I have learned that when women come together, we can move mountains.

SheConnects Circle  takes the best of everything I have learned. It is a secure, energetic community that will help you soar – making wholesome choices for your self-care.

Having a support system. Women who understood my challenges and helped me see that I wasn’t alone. And this is what SheConnects Circle will provide for you too.

Learn more and sign up here:

SHE finds freedom from habits, self-loathing & anxiety

This safe private space for women who want to be a part of a bigger community.

This group is really about: Mental Well-Being, finding freedom from anxiety and self-loathing – all with YOU in mind and just being who we are and knowing that is enough.

My Guide Inside  Virtual Classes
Who is it for?
We have kids of all ages, teachers, and families in mind; simple for anyone to facilitate!
What is it for?
Either … participating as a student who is submitting work to a teacher for academic credit. (ex. Language Arts, Health or Career Education)
… Or participating as a learner on a personal learning journey.
What do you need? 
A My Guide Inside Learner Book for each participant.
Who is the teacher?
Christa Campsall, author of the My Guide Inside. Included also are great facilitators and guest discussants.
These video on demand classes can be used for remote learning, blended/hybrid learning, and/or in school classrooms. With the purchase of the My Guide Inside Learner book (paperback or Kindle), one receives access to the classes which are designed to accompany the book.  In addition, we recommend creating live online or face to face discussions for each chapter to fully educate the participants about their guide inside. … Or arrange for Christa and team to facilitate a series of online discussions. In any case, enjoy!


Are you compelled to make social change? Do you want to work alongside friends, families and communities affected by the Criminal Justice System? If so, the Virtual Impact Programme (VIP) is for you.
We have created the VIP specifically to integrate people from different backgrounds and instigate social change. The programme shares the Three Principles understanding and is based on a 10-session curriculum, delivered weekly via Zoom. Participants also benefit from in-depth online one-to-one sessions with the programme facilitators.

Go to the events page and click on find out more or email

Untap your mind’s potential!
An online course by One Thought
One year’s full access to the whole course for only £85

This online course brings One Thought to your home or work and will allow you to explore the discoveries we teach at your own pace. Our online course takes the format of 9 lessons you will progress through. Each lesson has a main video that will advance your learning and plenty of supporting content that allows you to explore each lesson in more detail. The first two core lessons and a small selection of the supporting videos are available for you to try for free. We hope you enjoy them and perhaps sign up for the whole course.

Start the course and get the first two lessons free:

The Mystery School with Lori Carpenos

Mystery School is a 6 week online course to help you deepen your understanding of the Principles by reading and listening to Sydney Banks, the source of the 3 Principles, with the support of a like-minded community of other students of the Principles. This is for people at all stages of understanding; the perfect starting point for anyone who has not heard of the Principles – to practitioners who want to deepen their grounding. New classes begin every 6-8 weeks with a free webinar.  Feel free to contact for the next start date.

Learn more and register:

One Cause, One Cure Course #1: Seeing Universal Principles Brings Fresh Hope to the Mind brain body behavior Connection.

A self paced16-hour online video program that explores how incremental insights into the Nature of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought increases the experience of Peace of Mind and maximizes Health in Mind, Brain, Body, Behavior, Relationships, Creativity and Productivity.
Learn more and register here:


Tweewekelijks gratis webinars door geregistreerde 3P practitioners én een uur gratis coaching per week!

Elke twee weken houden Eline Sluys en Swier Miedema een gratis webinar over steeds een ander onderwerp, en bekijken dat vanuit de drie principes. Daarna krijgen de deelnemers de gelegenheid om vragen te stellen, hun bevindingen te delen of gewoon te luisteren. Het webinar wordt opgenomen en gepubliceerd op mijn Youtube kanaal. Via de site kun je ook een geluidsopname van het webinar beluisteren of downloaden.

Daarnaast houd ik iedere vrijdagavond van 20:00 uur tot 21:00 uur (CE(S)T) een uur Zoom-coaching spreekuur voor wie er maar wil komen. Dit maakt deel uit van een wereldwijd initiatief voor het aanbieden van gratis coaching. Dit is de link waar je alle gegevens kunt vinden.

Growing More Peaceful. Even Now.
with Christina Ness-Hawks and Julie Gleeson

We’ve been known to say that it’s possible to effortlessly thrive regardless of your circumstances. And we mean it. Even now! Join the online community that’s exploring how to adapt and reconnect to peace of mind and resiliency in the midst of massive change. We’ll share what we know that keeps us sane and grounded. And we’ll answer questions and help you reconnect to common sense and wisdom that will help you navigate your circumstances with more ease.

Tuition: $45/mo, first month is free.
For more information and a full schedule please click here.:

Coaching Package with George Pransky

This coaching package consists of four one-hour phone or video calls with George Pransky. Yes, you read that right, the George Pransky. We’re kind of kidding, but also not, because George’s time is precious and we’re so excited that he’s sharing it in this format.

We’re here to meet you where you are and we like the program to suit your needs. The pace is up to you – once a week or once every two weeks.

Coaching is a great way to address an issue, situation or decision that you can’t seem to get past or to have an engaging dialog about topics that matter to you.

* George is currently booking one month out.

Virtual Intensive with George and/or Linda Pransky

This program gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily workings of life, step back, and look at a bigger picture. You will learn about some discoveries that can change everything about your life. This is our flagship and most popular program. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles we teach.

This program consists of 2 hour and a half sessions per day, for four days. Between sessions, your consultant may recommend an audio recording or two for you to listen to, or they may suggest you simply reflect or go for a walk. Your program also includes 3 one hour follow up calls to be completed within 3 months of your program.

Coaching Package with Kara Stamback or Erika Bugbee

Our coaching package consists of four one-hour phone or video calls with either Erika Bugbee or Kara Stamback, two highly trained consultants. Discrete and convenient, there’s no need to find a local person and sit in a waiting room. Get the guidance you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Coaching is a great way to address an issue, situation or decision that you can’t seem to get past or to have an engaging dialog about topics that you wouldn’t necessarily talk to friends or family about.

Virtual Intensive with Kara Stamback or Erika Bugbee

This program gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily workings of life, step back, and look at a bigger picture. You will learn about some discoveries that can change everything about your life. This is our flagship and most popular program. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles we teach.

This program consists of 2 hour and a half sessions per day, for four days. Between sessions, your consultant may recommend an audio recording or two for you to listen to, or they may suggest you simply reflect or go for a walk. Your program also includes 3 one hour follow up calls to be completed within 3 months of your program.

Virtual Mentorship

We are sincerely thrilled to be offering this program, which acts as a parallell to the 6 Month Mentorhship for those looking for a shorter/virtual program.

As pioneers of this understanding, George and Linda have 40+ years of experience, wisdom and skills that they want to share with you.

The program will span four months and has openings beginning in 2021. Below is an outline of what you can expect:
Entire Library of Digital Downloads
Individual 3 Day Virtual Intensive with George and/or Linda in October
1 hour long Webinar per month with a featured guest
1 hour long Coaching Call per month with George
1 hour long Coaching Call per month with Linda
Sit In on a 3 Day Virtual Intensive with a client, includes group debriefings
Free Registration for the upcoming Professional Training Retreat in February

INISGHT for Relationships: An Online Course

Due to the popularity of our online course INSIGHT: The Principles of a Fulfilling and High-Performance Life, we created a course customized specifically to Relationships.



INSIGHT Online Course

Pransky and Associates has been seeing clients one-on-one for 30 years using an innovative approach that brings real, meaningful, and lasting change.

INSIGHT concentrates everything that we teach our clients into one 8-week course that users can experience from the privacy and comfort of their own home or office. To learn more, visit our INSIGHT information page

If you would like to take this course with someone in your household, click here.

Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding are “bringing new life to ourselves and our professions.”

Their online coaching program offers people who are licensed healthcare providers and nurses a professional opportunity to bring The Principles to themselves and their healthcare systems wherever they work, globally.

Advancing Holistic Health coaching program works with people in understanding The Principles for themselves first, and then in sharing the Principles as a Health Coach or Board Certified Nurse Coach. AHH is online, self-paced, and registration is open continuously.

This online coaching program, and working with healthcare executives and staff is the realization of a goal since the opening of Lyn’s first private practice of nursing in 1986, shortly after meeting Sydney Banks.

Healthcare is moving back into the community, and the focus is on promoting health. As today’s pioneers in The Principles, we are all leaders of the health professions.

Learn more:

and join our facebook group

Chana Studley recovered from 25 years of chronic back pain and severe allergies as a result of finding the wisdom of the Three Principles and has now been pain-free for over 4 years. Following the success of her research with chronic pain clients, she has launched a new program to help others suffering from physical issues. “Understanding what is happening to your body calms the nervous system and brings relief.”  This program is for anyone dealing with physical issues, not just chronic pain. Acne, eczema, migraine and tension headaches, stomach issues, and IBS, cystitis, and asthma to name a few. When we are under stress the body gives us clues in the form of physical messages. I will show you how this understanding of the mind points you in the direction of your own wellbeing and start you on the path to healing.

Learn more:
and join our facebook group

3PGC Registered Practitioners, we would love to add your books, podcast, blog page, YouTube channel and events to the  3PGC web site. Click here for details on how to submit  information to add to the web site.

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