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Insightful Conversations, with Del Adey-Jones, is a weekly, half-hour show, that focuses on the Psycho/Spiritual Understanding, known as the The 3 Principles. Tune in each week to meet some of the world’s leading 3 Principles Teachers and Practitioners, as they share how this understanding has dramatically improved the quality of their lives and the lives of those they work with.

3P Australia Book club: As part of my work as a Three Principles Practitioner,  I have started reading as many books about the 3P’s and spirituality as I can get my hands on. There is so much amazing stuff out there! Inspiring, thought-provoking, empowering, mind-blowing. I decided to start a 3P Australia Book Club, as I want to share what I’m learning and hear your thoughts too as we explore books together.   The plan is to select and read a book, then discuss the work and related topics together. Whenever possible I hope to have the author, or another prominent voice on the subject, join the conversation.

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Addiction, Alcoholism & The 3 Principles Facebook group has over 60 shows on its YouTube Channel ( .  Many of this leading edge series is now being turned into edited Podcasts ( .  The shows are educational in nature emphasizing group participation and topics that often are not addressed in the 3P community.  The shows include 50% Guests leading the group participation sessions.  The shows has over 700,000 minutes  of after show views.

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