2019 and 2016 Event Recordings


Purchase the session recordings for the 2019 Practitioner Event and the 2016 Conference together and save $25.

2019 Practitioner Event Session Recordings

Videos recordings from the 2019 Practitioner Event

2016 Conference Session Recordings

Videos recordings from the 2016 3PGC Conference



25 videos recordings with over 50 speakers from the 2016 3PGC Conference held in Westlake Village, CA.


Videos recordings of 17 sessions from the 2019 Practitioner Event held in Manhattan Beach, CA.
The Power and Practicality in the Discoveries of the Principles
Recorded Sessions:

  • Discovering Truth and Experiencing New Realities.  Speakers: Jan Chipman, Sandy Krot, & Mark Howard
  • What is True & What Difference Does It Make to Have a Sense of Truth?  Speakers: Keith Blevens, Elsie Spittle, & Jack Pransky
  • A Little Bit of Understanding Goes a Long Way.  Speaker: Linda Pransky
  • Living Life With and Without a Feeling for a Deeper Truth.  Speaker: Jan Chipman
  • Not Taking It Personally, Any of It.  Speaker: Chris Heath
  • Where to Look and Where Not to Look.  Speakers: Chip Chipman & Keith Blevens
  • Q&A Cathy Casey
  • The Journey of Detours, Dead Ends and Express Lanes of My Life & Career.  Speaker: George Pransky
  • Discovering Knowledge Inside: What Gets in Our Way and What Helps Us.  Speakers: Sandy Krot & Ken Manning
  • Getting Lost & Coming Back.  Speakers: Cathy Casey, Annika Hurwitt, & Dicken Bettinger
  • Listening to Where I Am and Learning from It.  Speaker: Bill Pettit
  • The Thrill of Discovery: Uncovering Wisdom While Sharing the Principles. Speaker: Mark Howard
  • The Humbling Richness of Life, No Matter What.  Speaker: Rita Shuford
  • Mentored by Mind.  Speaker: Elsie Spittle
  • Always You First, Then Your Clients.  Speakers: Judy Sedgeman & Joe Bailey
  • Working It Out: It Does Not Always Work Out & It Doesn’t Matter.  Speakers: Cathy Casey & Jack Pransky
  • We Are All Love.  Speaker: Dicken Bettinger

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