2020 Practitioner Event Recordings

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In case you missed it, the 3PGC hosted a Practitioner's Conference November 13 - 15 and it was magical! It was different from previous conferences. It was interactive and had the most diverse panels ever assembled by the 3PGC. Practitioners ranging from new or returning members of the 3PGC community were mixed with many of the seasoned people that you have come to know and love, working together to discuss social justice, diversity, and exciting new Three Principles community projects. The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Feedback included that it was fresh, inclusive, and intimate, in spite of being on the Zoom format with hundreds of people joining in. The discussion and reflections got deeper and deeper over the three days.

You can set your price between $10 and $75, whatever you feel you can afford.

The 3 Principles Global Community 2020 Annual Practitioner Event recordings

How deep can we go?  Exploring the edge of our grounding and looking beyond.

Session recordings::

– 6 reflective panel conversations on core issues around our understanding, learning and development with participation attendees. (12 hours of recordings)
– 6 recordings of impactful projects and programs from around the world.
– 6 closing reflections conversations

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