Discoveries of Sydney Banks program registration




The 3 Principles Global Community is pleased to announce a 10-week program
The Discoveries of Sydney Banks and their relevance today

The program is based on the white paper by George Pransky:
The Specific Breakthrough Discoveries of Sydney Banks
What he Discovered from his Epiphany and Shared with Others

(you can download a copy here)

Week 1  : Discovery One-Thought (May 25th)
Week 2  : Discovery Two- Consciousness (June 1st)
Week 3  : Discovery Three-Mind (June 8th)
Week 4  : Discovery Four- Principles (June 15th)
Week 5  : Discovery Five-Core Feelings (June 22nd)
Week 6  : Discovery Six- Levels of Consciousness (June 29th)
Week 7  : Discovery Seven- Clarification of the Concept of Free Will (July 6th)
Week 8  : Discovery Eight- The Quiet Mind (July 13th)
Week 9  : Discovery Nine-Transcendent Intelligence (July 20th)
Week 10: Discovery Ten- Enlightenment Experience (July 27th)

Each week will be an open discussion to guide the participants to deeply understand the relevance of what Sydney Banks revealed from his enlightenment experience.

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