Grounding and Awakening Well-being Immersion



Recordings from the 4 day Grounding Immersion, January, 2022

Grounding and Awakening Well-Being: Bringing the Principles to Life
An Immersion in the Three Principles Understanding

Day 1 – Mind
Become more aware of your connection to the infinite field of energy we call Mind, the Intelligence behind everything in creation. As a wave in the ocean, you’ll know yourself as intimately one with the source of all that is. Even a glimpse of your connection to that deeper intelligence is life transforming.
Day 2 – Consciousness
Consciousness is what allows us to be aware of life, and it takes all different forms. We’ll point to this undefinable essence and as your level of consciousness raises, the quality of your experience shifts into more love, understanding, presence, kindness, hope, and wisdom.
Day 3 – Thought
Our experience is created by Thought, the creative force of the universe. It is the missing link between the formless world of pure potential and the created world of form. You’ll look beyond the content of your thoughts to the fact of Thought, the power creating everything you feel, to correct the innocent misunderstanding that your experience is created by the world.
Day 4 – Wrap-up
You’ll have the opportunity to share your insights, ask any questions that may have arisen, and ground your deepening awareness.

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