About Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks (1931-2009) was an ordinary man who had a profound enlightenment experience in 1973. He went from being a welder with a 9th grade education to becoming a world teacher. His awakening revealed to him The Three Principles that are the foundation of all human experience; Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

William James, who is regarded as the father of modern psychology, once wrote that the field of psychology had no true principles. He said if such principles were ever realized on a large scale, it would make the importance of every human advancement since fire pale in comparison. These causal laws, these principles, are precisely what Syd Banks came to know.

People from all walks of life were drawn to learn from Syd. Soon after his insight, a grassroots movement developed and people heard about these principles by word of mouth. Those who were impacted at an insightful level experienced profound changes that transformed their lives.  These changes were unique and started attracting mental health, prevention, and business professionals. To this day, the impact and inspiration of such uncommon results and dramatic change are the driving force in spreading what Syd understood.

Through the years, innumerable foundations, institutions, and businesses have been created to serve as a means of passing on the understanding of The Three Principles. Private, county, city and state programs have been established in mental health treatment, corrections, substance abuse, trauma, PTSD, education, prevention, sports and leadership. There have been unparalleled programs for business leaders, couples, parents, families, the homeless, low-income housing residents, veterans, and the general public.

Like William James predicted, the discovery of principles of human experience would create a revolutionary order of human change. Though Sydney Banks passed away in 2009, the combination of the intelligence and power of The Three Principles and the results of change that people experience created a natural momentum that has carried and will continue to spread this understanding throughout the world.

Syd requested from his death bed that the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) be formed in order to preserve the integrity of his realizations and to make them available to the world.

The story of his Enlightenment experience

As most of you know, Sydney Banks had his enlightened experience on Salt Spring Island. Even before he formulated the Three Principles as we know them today, people from all over the world came to the island to listen to Syd’s message.

Even though Syd used to be the first one to say it was about the message, not the man, the Three Principles Foundation and the Three Principles Global Community thought it would be a wonderful gesture to have something on Salt Spring Island to remember Syd and especially his message.

The idea arose to do this in the form of a commemorative bench, right in the middle of the Salt Spring Island park Syd loved, in the hope of triggering curiosity about the Three Principles.

If you ever visit Salt Spring Island, this bench can be found in Centennial Park.

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