The Foundations Course


The Foundation course will lay the foundation for all further study in the three Principles and will answer the most common misconceptions and questions that arise in anyone starting to learn about the Three Principles. The program introduces you to the Three Principles as they were revealed to Sydney Banks.
The program includes four recorded webinars with members or former members of the 3PGC board.

Themes for each session:
Session 1: Who is Syd Banks and what did he realize?
Teachers: Linda Pransky and Chris Heath

Session 2: What does it mean to be grounded in the 3 Principles?
Teachers: Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff

Session 3: How are the Principles different than all other psychological approaches and theories?
Teachers: Marina Galan and Aaron Turner

Session 4: Why is it enough to point any client to the 3 Principles alone in response to any client’s presenting issue or problem?
Teachers: Judy Sedgeman and Jason Berv

Note that this program is part of the yearly membership.


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