The Promise of the Three Principles


When we asked Sydney Banks why he devoted his life to sharing the understanding represented by his discovery of the Three Principles, his answer was “To end the suffering of mankind.”  What he offered, however, was not a noble battle  over ideology, or the rise of a hero-savior, or the war on drugs, poverty, ignorance, prejudice, or any of the other societal distress against which mankind has struggled. It was not a new religion or a cult of ideas. He offered faith that the spread of the Three Principles throughout the world, one person at a time, would be the sunrise of hope to awaken the innate mental well-being and common sense shared by all people. It is the light from within that illuminates our innate capacity to live from peace of mind, gratitude and security, understanding the power all humans have to create their own experience of whatever reality they encounter, and to discover their own solutions to problems. It was the power of love and understanding. The Principles resonate with people who become aware of their fundamental truth because they speak to the heart, to our core mental well-being, to knowledge before thought. 3PGC is pleased to offer a program about the breadth and depth of the experience of awakening to the Principles to change our everyday lives for the better.

The program will be a 4-week in-depth exploration of the practical implications of the Three Principles with sessions Tuesdays and Thursday at 2-3:30 PM EST each of the four weeks. The eight sessions will be on these topics:

    Session 1, May 21:
    Much less stress and anxiety; much more ease and enthusiasm. Presented by Aaron Turner and Rob Cook.

    Session 2, May 23:
    More appreciation of the simple, small things that enrich everyday life. Presented by Judith Sedgeman and Derrick Mason.

    Session 3, May 28:
    Closer, more meaningful relationships with family and friends. Presented by Linda Pransky and George Pransky.

    Session 4, May 30:
    Deepening feelings with your loved ones; differences dissolve. Presented by Mark Howard and Natasha Swerdloff.

    Session 5, June 4:
    More confidence and certainty at work or in your pursuits. Presented by Marina Galán and Larry Williams.

    Session 6, June 6:
    Finding your innate inner guidance that guides you through your ups and downs. Presented by Dicken Bettinger and Deborah Baron.

    Session 7, June 11:
    Total freedom from troubled memories or fears of the future; living life in the now. Presented by Christine Heath and Katerina Fiserova.

    Session 8, June 13:
    The final session – bringing it all together. Presented by all 3PGC Board members.

    Price for annual members: $ 175
    Price for non-members: $ 295

    All sessions are recorded and will be available for you to watch whenever you like. 

    When is this happening?

    This program runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks: May 21 & 23, May 28 & 30, June 4 & 6, and June 11 & 13. Every session is at 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 8 PM CET and will be 90 minutes long.

    How do you attend?

    Zoom links will be emailed upon purchase. Links & passwords to the recordings will be emailed after each session.

    Who will be the Presenter(s) ?

    All members of the 3PGC Board

    How much does it cost?

    Price for annual members: $175

    Price for non-members: $295

    Ready to purchase?

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    The promise of the Three Principles

    An 8-session in-depth exploration of the practical implications of the Three Principles.

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