What is the Three Principles Global Community?

The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non- profit organization committed to disseminating the understanding of The Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks to people throughout the world. The Three Principles point toward the true source of human experience. Insightful realization of the Three Principles allows anyone to understand how all human experience is created, and to glimpse the very nature of that creative source. These insights uncover our natural resilience, innate feelings of well-being, and our natural connection and access to a universal wisdom found within everyone.

3PGC is committed to increasing the number of people who are teaching, sharing and learning The Principles, and to enhancing and facilitating professional collaboration in this field that is changing the vision for universal Mental Health and the possibility of peace among all people around the globe, across all human endeavors.

3PGC activities and programs are focused on assuring:

  • Access to and consistent use of Sydney Banks’ original materials as the primary source always available to people engaging with Three Principles work;
  • Training and support for practitioners working from the Three Principles in any fields around the world;
  • Outreach and collaboration to encourage awareness of and sharing of the Principles globally.


The late Sydney Banks introduced The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought to the world as an understanding of the human experience nearly forty years ago. The potential for the understanding that he shared and his vision of its benefit to the world are the inspiration for 3PGC.

About 3PGC

The Three Principles Global Community was established in 2009 in response to a wave of enthusiasm and appeals of people who have been profoundly affected by learning and sharing The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.  Through their understanding of how The Principles create their experience of life, these people have experienced amazing changes in their personal and professional lives.  They have overcome addiction and illness.  They have healed personal relationships. They have transformed their businesses and achieved unprecedented business results.  Insight into these principles has helped parents strengthen their families, aided leaders in making their communities safer, and enabled athletes to achieve peak performance beyond what they had ever achieved before.  Over the last 40 years, thousands of people have improved their lives immeasurably just by learning these principles. 

As most of you know, Sydney Banks had his enlightened experience on Salt Spring Island. Even before he formulated the Three Principles as we know them today, people from all over the world came to the island to listen to Syd’s message.

Even though Syd used to be the first one to say it was about the message, not the man, the Three Principles Foundation and the Three Principles Global Community thought it would be a wonderful gesture to have something on Salt Spring Island to remember Syd and especially his message.

The idea arose to do this in the form of a commemorative bench, right in the middle of the Salt Spring Island park Syd loved, in the hope of triggering curiosity about the Three Principles.

If you ever visit Salt Spring Island, this bench can be found in Centennial Park.

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