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Second Chance

Would you like to listen to Sydney Banks’ book Second Chance?

Lone Pine Publishing has released the audio version of Sydney Banks book Second Chance – so it is now available free for everyone to enjoy!
Second Chance is one of the six books by Sydney Banks and it is a moving story of one man, deeply troubled by the circumstances of his life, who travels to the islands of Hawaii hoping to find peace. Here, he is befriended by two intriguing people, who speak in ways that mystify yet fascinate him. Thus begins a spiritual journey into a world of extraordinary feelings, which bring him understanding and an answer beyond anything he had ever dreamed possible. In this novel, set in a world of soft tropical beauty, Sydney Banks shares his quiet philosophical knowledge in a comprehensible yet profound manner.

Sydney Banks

“There are those in this world who believe miracles do not happen. I can assure such skeptics that they do. With hope and faith as beacons, anything can happen. If these writings bring a second chance of life to just one human being, my work has not been in vain.”
Sydney Banks The Missing Link

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Reflections on Sydney Banks Quotes

As a Free member of 3PGC we are happy to share the recordings of a weekly call dedicated to looking deeper at quotes from the books of Sydney Banks. In these reflective groups no one is the expert. Every one always is a student of the Principles looking to have deeper realizations of our true nature.

The Foundations Course

This course will lay the foundation for all further study in the three Principles and will answer the most common misconceptions and questions that arise when you embark on your journey to a deeper understanding. The program introduces you to the Three Principles as they were revealed to Sydney Banks.
The program includes four recorded webinars with members of the 3PGC board.

Themes for each session:

Session 1: Who is Syd Banks and what did he
Teachers: Linda Pransky and Chris Heath
Session 2: What does it mean to be grounded in the 3 Principles?
Teachers: Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff
Session 3: How are the Principles different from all other psychological
approaches and theories?
Teachers: Marina Galan and Aaron Turner
Session 4: Why is it enough to point any client to the 3 Principles alone in
response to any client’s presenting issue or problem?
Teachers: Judy Sedgeman and Jason Berv

The Discoveries of Sydney Banks

This program contains ten webinars with Dr. George Pransky, the first licensed therapist to hear and study with Syd and then became a close friend. In this unique program George draws you into deep reflection on each of Syd’s groundbreaking discoveries. These videos are a must-see for everyone who are interested in realizing their true nature and innate well-being. 

Themes for each session:

Session 1: Discovery One – The Nature of Thought

Session 2: Discovery Two – The Nature of Consciousness

Session 3: Discovery Three -The Nature of Mind

Session 4: Discovery Four – Principles

Session 5: Discovery Five – Core Feelings

Session 6: Discovery Six- Levels of Consciousness

Session 7: Discovery Seven – Clarification of the Concept of Freewill

Session 8: Discovery Eight- The Quiet Mind

Session 9: Discovery Nine -Transcendent Intelligence

Session 10: Discovery Ten – Enlightenment Experience

Live Sessions for Reflecting on Syd Videos

Each month in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Syd Banks’ enlightened experience we have a live session where we reflect on one of Syd videos. The already recorded sessions are available and you are welcome to join the live sessions. In each session we will talk about a specific video of Syd and dive into the wisdom of his words

Reflections on Sydney Banks Quotes

As a paying member
of 3PGC we are happy to invite you to join a grounding group dedicated to
reflecting together on where the Three Principles are pointing us. In these
reflective groups no one is the expert. Every practitioner always remains a
student of the Principles looking to have deeper realizations of our true

You will find
weekly groups in several time zones across the globe and you are welcome to
join any group you like and attend as many different groups as you are able.
You do not have to join the group every week, but we highly recommend it. Every
week the conversations will begin with a quote from one of Syd’s books, videos and

Common Misconceptions Videos

In these five webinars Dicken Bettinger, Natasha Swerdloff and Erika Bugbee speaks to some of the common misconceptions of the understanding of the three Principles.

Themes for each session:

No more low moods with Dr. Dicken Bettinger

Setting boundaries with Natasha Swerdloff

Thinking and Thought with Natasha Swerdloff

Never talk about a clients problem with Erika Bugbee

A reflection on you as a parent with Erika Bugbee

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