Sydney Banks A Collection of Four Vintage Recordings



Sydney Banks – 4 Vintage Recordings (All on 1 downloadable audio file)
The early talks were often held in venues that created an informal, conversational feeling and recordings were produced with less than optimal equipment.
While they may lack the technical quality of later materials, the message is always profound.
In these talks, Syd shares the wisdom he received during a deep, spiritual experience and his understanding of The Three Principles that explain the nature of Divine or Universal Mind and its relationship to all human experience.
“You are responsible for your own thoughts. Here lies the secret to mental health, when you can find the connection between Thought and what you call reality.”
Sydney Banks
The Best of Two Worlds

Titles included in this recording:
The Best of Two Worlds (21.35)
Mind, Consciousness and Thought (8.15)
Forgiveness (9.36)
The Power of Thought (9.40)
Total Recording time: 49:17

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